edinburgh (or scotland) community 2021?


i am currently based in edinburgh and after a rather introverted many months…or years…(pandemic…) i am wondering if anyone knows of any edinburgh based music community that is around?

or i would love to meet and talk with some folks in and around scotland and have some musical discoveries together. i miss music community and collobration…things i used to find before the pandemic…many of my favourite spots and places to jam or geek out and meet people seem to have closed…

anyhow…if anyone can point me in the direction of where to find said people would also be wonderful. however much an online community is wonderful…nothing replaces physical space and people.

thank you:) <3

Update: I would also be down to help organise some events! I am happy if people want to set up a whatsapp group or so to get together folk and then all is needed is a space… let me know !


I’m based in Edinburgh, as is @expertsleepers I remember in the beforetimes there was an occasional live music night at the Fruitmarket gallery which I only managed to get along to a couple of times (childcare etc etc) but I loved it. Performers and audience sitting on the floor in an art gallery, with wee electronic boxes making odd noises. My cup of tea! I wonder how hard it would be to organise that kind of thing? (I’m not sure I have the headspace to organise anything right now, but I’d sure like to hear some live improvised electronics soon!)


I’m a bit outside Glasgow and @Obakegaku is in Edinburgh too, the two of us have been chatting about possible future real life gigs for a bit too.

@SimonKirby the fruit market sounds like such an awesome venue for this kind of music - my only experience with playing music in Edinburgh is basement hardcore gigs, so this sounds extremely refreshing, wish I’d known about it when I lived there!!


I would be happy to help organise any gigs.

I was planning on running some nights at Henry’s Cellar Bar but I understand they’re still recovering from flood damage.


Oh, excellent! Didn’t know you were hereabouts, and forgot that @Obakegaku was…

Henry’s would have been perfect… didn’t know they got flooded. I played a modular set in Paradise Palms before the pandemic, but it wasn’t ideal. Would be nice to have somewhere that wasn’t also a general purpose pub.

Might be worth approaching the Fruitmarket to see if they were interested in having something like that again maybe?


Never been there. Whitespace might be good: http://whitespace76.com


Wonderful… i agree! electronics and lovely noises with a group of people and tea is exactly the social gathering i would like to be having right now…


Hello all!

Nice to be introduced to you Jessica!

It would be great to hang out with you all anyway, and if we can make some events along the way that would be great bonus. I’d be up for jumping through to Glasgow on the train etc too.

There’s definitely more people in Edinburgh ( and Scotland ) that are into all this than there seems on the surface.

I tried to hold a really informal meetup/ laid back live thing in Edinburgh with @Floa @expertsleepers and was surprised at how many people turned up, I’ve still got the patchED page on facebook and it looks like there are 60 people who follow that that might be interesting in attending bigger meetups/gigs. It got put on hold when my little one arrived 2 years ago…time flies.

Could always ask if Jason & Instruo folks or Ansome /British Noise Engineering peeps would be up for playing showing off some stuff too?

But honestly interested in joining/ helping whatever is going.

I suppose venue wise, it’s the trade off between free/ reasonable and having to charge folk to cover it. I’ll have a look and see what other art spaces options there are tomorrow at work.

Excited to help get the ball rolling where I can.



Yes! I’m due to link up with Jason soon poss this week depending on that ankle injury, I’ll be sure to recce info on stuff, probably might be keener to get stuff back on the map, also aleks from tuba dub works there now so he has more hands and curious minds on deck… I remember the cca through there were doing a few workshops/diy before COVID and poss some performance nights. (Was an electronically citywide thing iirc!) little programme etc.


Lovely to see more of you lines folk live around these parts than I thought. Perhaps we should arrange a meet up sometime to chat and plan something? Maybe over a beer or a cup of tea somewhere (right now in edinburgh it feels like we should be planning a meet up on the meadows!).

I admit to feeling that Edinburgh in particular could really benefit from something like this. I wonder if we could approach the summerhall folks? They have so many different sized spaces.

Oh, I forgot about Whitespace. My pal Simon Lewin put on a music night there once associated with an exhibition he was running. Worked really well. We were planning to try and start a modular music night before he moved off to the highlands, and that was the place he was suggesting. It’s small, but that might be nice for this purpose!

EDIT: I just realised that Simon is also probably on lines, and indeed he is: @simonlewin


Indeed. A venue that only needs a dozen people to make it cosy is probably what we need initially :slight_smile:


If you’ll accept The Great Unwashed to your Edinburgh meet-up, then I’m in Glasgow. There’s also Ali O’May in East Lothian and Frazer Brown (Dohnavur / Werra Foxma Records) and Letters From Mouse in West Lothian.


What a great idea with the summer hall option. Could be rather good, if they are up for it.

Weather still kicking so yes, impromptu refreshments on meadows is doable….


I’ve been meaning to make a thread like this for a while and its good to see theres a decent amount of folks who are into getting together and making some noises. I’m up in Aberdeen and not aware of a great deal going on electronic wise up here although I’ve been paying in bands and putting on gigs for years. Would certainly be up for making the trip down and organising something up here too.

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I’d like to be in the loop here too. Although I live in London now I was active in Scotland for 10 years and did a lot of music for contemporary dance in Edinburgh.

These days when I tour I generally play in Glasgow or Aberdeen as, outside of dance, I’ve not been able to sort out a venue/scene in Edinburgh for experimental music (which I’ve always thought was strange)!

Anyway, I’d love to come up and play if there was a place to do it in!


Just about to start a research masters at Edinburgh university - there’s a computer music vibe going on. Jules Rawlinson and Tom Mudd are based there - also I think Marcin Pietraszewski developed his nuPG software whilst there.


Me and my pal Gerrard are in Glasgow/Stirling and I’ve thought about trying to set up something like this. I have thrown together a few DIY modules and very much learning the basics but I think some kind of local community would benefit us all. I really hope something comes of it soon.


I’m just outside Edinburgh, happy to participate in anything that’s going on.

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