Edinburgh: Wavetable 1, Nov18th!

hello all,

Wavetable is a new night for audio and visual art night based in Edinburgh, at the Whitespace gallery!

this evening was manifested through a post i made on this forum a couple months back asking about community in/ around edinburgh. i have met some very kind people from the forum, and through conversation and time, and work from the folks i met, an evening has been created!

our intentions are to have a monthly event for audio and visual artists, to hold a kind space for physical community for those interested + involved within the realm of synthesis.

the first show will be on November 18th
here is the link: Wavetable #1 Tickets, Thu 18 Nov 2021 at 19:30 | Eventbrite

performing on the first event are wonderful members from the lines community:
Expert Sleepers
Simon Kirby
(and myself, adding some harp for simon to play around with)

I encourage booking a ticket, as there will be limited tickets available on the night.
It is a paid event, to cover the cost of the venue, and to support the artists. though there are concession fees, so hopefully it will be in everyones budget.

if you would be interested in performing in the future/ any questions feel free to send me a message. :slight_smile:

thank you to the wonderful lines community and space this forum holds. it feels lovely to transition into physical space again.

hopefully see some of you folks in person.


Thanks @grandpacave for making that first step and calling out for a community, without which none of this would be happening. I’m super excited to see what grows from this seed you planted, and hope to finally meet in person all the other Scottish lines folk out there!


Hoping I can get along tomorrow… Giving this a bump.


Hi, will there be any tickets on the door or is the event now sold out?

@SimonKirby and @grandpacave





Thanks Mike to remember and grab these pics!


Thanks for the pics, and for coming out to support our inaugural night!


Thanks for the great photos, @MikeKSmith, and for coming down. What a magical audience - friendly and so attentive. You could hear a pin drop during the sets. We’ll definitely be doing more, so anyone who didn’t manage to get a ticket before they all sold out (super fast!) will have another chance.


Edit, Thanks to @expertsleepers there’s is now a Wavetable YouTube, enjoy!

Cheers for these @MikeKSmith :smiley:

Grateful to you, and everyone else, for coming through. Apologies for not having more time to blether with you all more!

We will have footage from the night up soon, I managed to record everyone’s beautiful sets except my own, which consists of a 809 byte corrupt file. How very Flash Crash :smiling_imp:.


Oh man - I was waiting for your set to appear on the channel. I really really wanted to hear it again. It was truly magnificent! Luckily there will be many more Wavetables in the future…


It was great! Really enjoyed all the performances, am looking forward to the next one!


We’d still love to hear from any others in Scotland who might want to perform at a future Wavetable. We’re very keen to try and make this as diverse an event as possible, so please do particularly spread the word among any electronic performers you know from underrepresented genders, including cis women, trans women and men, non-binary people, and anyone who is otherwise marginalised. We can provide them a friendly and welcoming environment to experiment with their art in Scotland.


Old, white bloke here, but interested in bringing some ambient dronings to the proceedings at some point.


Hello everyone,

I invite you to my youtube channel where you can find videos from Wavetable in the playlists. I do not post a link here because I am afraid that I will get banned. I’m new to the forum here and I don’t know what I’m allowed yet;) You can find a link to my channel on my profile. Sorry, it’s a bit confusing. The video is recorded quite spontaneously so it’s not perfect but I hope the next ones will be better;) I live in Edinburgh and I also play modular synthesizers. Maybe one day there will be an opportunity to play on Wavetable;) Regards


Wow - great video! Thanks so much for making it :slight_smile:


Very happy you posted so I could listen.

on another note.
I was just listening to this and wondered about the attribution…
See image. Does this happen a lot.

Huh - that’s funny! I did wonder if YouTube would pick up on the two interviews I’d sampled from the web: one of John Cage, and one of Ursula Le Guin. It looks like the algorithm picked up the John Cage one, but attributed it to someone else who also used it (in a very different musical context!).

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kinda funny how a dance music guy is getting dividends for sampling a John Cage interview.

Just something to watch I guess. I looked up his “service” it is geared for dance things and I guess if they have you on their service then you own it until somebody sues you. The service must have a very fast and clever spider to track that in such a short time.

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my pleasure :wink: video wouldn’t be possible without yours music :wink:

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Hi - I came to the show last week and loved it, great to see a scene germinating around the event. I’d love to see more of the same in the future, but also I wonder if there’s scope for additional types for events or contributions. For example, I’d love to get in DIY more but have no idea what I’m doing! :upside_down_face: Plus I was thinking presentations might also be good to see - for example I’ve been working with Befaco to bring their recent modules to VCV Rack, so could potentially do a short talk about that at some point in the future? I’d also love to see talks on process, how people overcome creative dry patches etc etc. Just a thought!