edison - attunement

hello all!
new record today.


this is the first record in my new studio, since moving out to the country.
it also marks the first record i’ve done with no computers involved.
the sounds were created with cheat codes, orgn, a nord electro 4, microfreak, guitar and bass.
they were funneled through the glou glou loupe, and into an sp 404.
used the resampling method for everything.
it was really freeing to just let this all form and not worry about plugins and crashes and quantizing…
just let this happen as it sounded good to me.
it’s really a record for my kid and the time this pandemic has afforded us with him.
he’s in every song in some form, and all the song titles are his.

thank you!


Yes! Instant purchase! Can’t wait to listen!

I love this line in your description on Bandcamp: “this is an album for my son, and everything he has taught us these past couple years.”

I often feel this same about my son - in particular the things I have realised about myself when I am with him. I’m a better person because of him.

Thank you!!


thank you thank you!
its true… just always amazed at what being stuck in the house for a couple years does to everything…
the kid is definitely the most incredible part!
hope you dig it!



Love the record… and your whole discography actually !

Your process is very inspiring: did you record your samples track to track, or records everything all at one to create a sample pool, and only after that made tracks in the SP404 from this material ?
I’m waiting for a SP404Mk2, and it’s a way of composing I will try out.

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hey thank you!!
i was using the mk2 for this record.
the mk2 opens up this whole process 1000%
especially being able to resample while recording the live input.
basically, i’d load up some drum samples…
re-record me finger drumming…
chop a perfect loop.
stomp a loop on the loupe to that beat… (no sync or anything, just approximate)
then feed the loupe with cheat codes etc…
that’s where all the glitchy melodies came from…
after that i would just overdub bass and guitar etc… over those beats…
i worked in small sections… minute or so at a time…
then re-record all the sections together as a whole track…
then i’d just plug my phone into the usb in, and capture some voice memos from that day with my kid…
chop and resample those in too….

all in all, for me it was mind blowing how simple quick and needed this record was for me….like i’ve been doing it wrong the whole time or something haha

anyway thanks for hollering and hope you enjoy the mk2 too!


Thanks for the info ! This is a great workflow: seems easy and inspiring, but most importantly, it pushes to move forward.
I’m quite surprised that you didn’t sync the Loupé (I have one too) but it really underlines the spirit of this workflow: not going for perfection but for inspiration, and treating everything as material to sample, mangle and recombine.
I’ll definitely give it a try when I get the SP (if I ever get it… it’s been 4 months now).

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