EDIT: live control mod script, works with live 9.6

hey folks, so i might be the last monome livecontrol user out there (hopfully not cause i still havent found a proper replacement!)
i have an issue, maybe somebody could help?
live 9.6 update does not support older python scripts, i asked around at ableton and they told me that i just need to recompile the script using python 2.7 and it should work,

i have absolutely no idea how to start, ive downloaded python 2.7 and i have the livecontrol trunc folder. do i need the source code?

any hints would be great!


I would love to see livecontrol working in 9.6 as well. Wish I could be of more help with the python recompiling!

it does already for me - due to some external help from the ableton guys, have to ask st8 if its cool to share the modified script tho…

Any chance the Python script was ported to serialOSC? That would be a dream come true if so!!!

hi sbx,
please do it, ask to st8 :slight_smile: i want that script as well


Hello all, sorry for not getting my act together and getting registered on here sooner! I’ll try and take a look at this at the weekend, 9.6 has broken a lot of stuff python wise with them upgrading the python version.

For now sbx has a quick fix you guys can use.


hi sbx, seems like st8 is cool to share :smiley:
thanks so much

there you go…

LiveControl_MOD.zip (2.5 MB)

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