dual delay / comb filter with a variety of i/o modes and modulation options.

an undersea cousin of wrms.



  • norns (220321 or later)

also supported


install from the maiden catalog (gimme a minutte here i am doing all the things! )


in the maiden REPL, type:



read here


  • @dan_derks + @sixolet for the lfo lib. really handy to have just been able to drop that in as a flexible modulation source !
  • @DuellingAnts for bugtestin
  • moray eels, for being amazing

this whole thing is so praiseworthy i’ll first admit…
i’ve lazily had a tab open to the beta and been hunting for time to grok what it does & what sets it apart from (your) other norns apps

the release vid is PERFECT for my learning style and quickly made clear what i wanted to know!

i’m most excited to try as a comb filter (shown in preset demo 4 “strings”) but i’m surprised by how unique the midi modulation from external sources sounds (also seen in demo 6 “thin ice skating”)

thank you for opening this up to everyone and completing simple but effective docs
i know it’s not easy!

edit: now i’m cracking up cause the open tabs were actually for ndls and eggs :joy: you really have an incredible array of great apps in dev!


what a gorgeous video! i can’t wait to try the script.


a lovely script i will be (/ have been) using a lot. really handy video too !

congrats on the release :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for sharing this!

I love how it can go from very quiet and subtle to total mayhem in an instant - and this in a precise and controlled manner. Brillant!


dream delay lovely :balloon:


tysm all for the kind words !

here is eels imitating some space-faring birds from the crow bug testing session yesterday


lot of fun experimenting with this script a couple of things I noticed in the params, in the time section it goes “time a” and then “time a” again

i think maybe the second one is supposed to say “time b” to match the patterns of the other adjustable parameters in here?

also to confirm please setting the LFO state in the params is like a hard kill. the LFOs will no longer go even if theres minimal depth setting

thank you for sharing this again. awesome all around

ah yes, it is supposed to say time b for the second one (and indeed it should control the second eel’s time). thx for pointing this out ! shall fix with the next update to minimize confusion :hole:

yep. just a lil feature that the lfo lib brought with it – not super useful within eels


What about using matrix as a library instead of lfo lib?? :heart_eyes:

wonderful sounding! can’t wait to give both this and rpls a try! great work!

PS very happy to see the old walnut monome gear in the spotlight like this <3

wait… is that a varibright walnut 128!? how!

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