polyrhythmic sequencer/sampler using Ack

ekombi-2-m ekombi-3-m

4-tracks of polyrhythmic and euclidean beats controllable with grid or norns alone. I’m currently in the process of combining a lot features that I’ve worked, and improving ekombi as a live performance instrument. A buffer for editing the tracks. MIDI output and clock-syncing (implemented before global clock was here, will revisit later). I’m now working on improving ease of editing without a grid, and hope to allow sampling files randomly from a directory on each trigger.


norns, grid (optional), MIDI (optional)


A simplified version of the documentation exists in ekombi.lua.

note: the docs are mostly correct, but controls are in the process of changing, and the docs won’t be remade until features are finalized. I’ll remove this note when it is no longer true. Track-resetting and RANDOM MODE for instance have been removed.


last update: November 9, 2019, 12:00PM CST


This look great! Shall be trying out as soon as. Particularly interested in the midi side of things.

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Cool! I’ve only tested midi with an OP-Z, so if you find any bugs post ‘em here. I’d also love to hear feedback and suggestions.

I’m gonna hopefully have time to try this this week. Wanted to try sending it to VCV. Always dig a good asynchronous sequencer

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I’ve added ekombi to the norns-community library - click refresh on the community catalog in maiden to pick it up.