Where did you install it?

If you don’t have ‘ekombi.lua’ needs to exist somewhere on dust/code/ in order for it to be found in the script list I believe.

On my norns it looks like this


i will double check but Ack should be on there.
i never removed it…at least not that i know of.


so i checked that the ACK engine is on there and it is.
i did a re-install just in case.

then re-installed Ekombi.

still nothing shows up.

then i double checked what @Tyler suggested and discovered all the file names in the folder had ‘.webloc’ at the end of them.

i removed ‘.webloc’ from the files and now it lists:

trying to run either of those displays the message: no script information

deleted Ekombi and went back to get a fresh download.
that seems to fix it but…there is still an instance of EKOMBI/EBEATCLOCK appearing with the “no script information” message displaying.

i did do a ;restart with maiden after installing all of this.

thanks again for all the help!

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Glad you could at least get one working. That sort of stuff can be frustrating! Sorry I can’t be too much help. Haven’t had a chance to dig too deep in to that script!

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just spent some time with it.

it’s acting very glitchy or i don’t know what i am doing.
(which is probably the case)

so it wasn’t playing any sounds loaded in the sample slots at first.
then i got it to make some noiz.

then i discovered…it doesn’t change in real time.
you have to hold button 3 for a bit and upon release you hear the changes which didn’t make sense to me at first upon the first read through of the info.
user error!

all clear now!

thanks again for the help!

Glad you got it working. I’m not sure where the .webloc came from. How did you install it by the way? Did you use ˋgit clone`? ebeatclock is also deprecated at this point, will be removing it from the repo in the next set of changes.

I’m wondering if I should make the change buffer optional, but I also want to avoid having too many parameters.

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i did my usual install routine.

download the zip and open it.
using Cyberduck i connect with norns Hotspot and copy it over.

ekombi is in the community catalog therefore it should be a one button install in the project management view within maiden. If you don’t see an entry for ekombi in the catalog try clicking the refresh button next to “community” in the “available” section of the UI.


@Tyler I could not figure out why Ekombi stopped working for me, it looks like you recently removed beat clock from the current GitHub pull. Is this in anticipation of the forthcoming global clock? I updated via the new “update all” feature in maiden just yesterday.

Is it as easy to revert to the previous pull as simply copy/pasting the previous .lua into the maiden editor then saving?

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@coreyr Actually beat clock wasn’t being used in any of the recent versions of ekombi. What was causing the problem was a typo that I committed without doing any testing.


I just committed a fix, so another update through the project manager should get it working again. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


This looks excellent and I appreciated the use of musical notation in your docs. I think this will be the catalyst to go and build a norns shield for myself.

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I got my first modular setup, as well as a crow. I would like to add some crow functionality to Ekombi, basic CV triggers for sure, but I could do more. Are there any Ekombi users out there that also have/use crow?

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I still have not had a lot of opportunity to use Ekombi, partially because of its lack of crow support. I only have an OP-1 as a midi source at the moment and don’t have a significant sample library that fits my desires at the moment.

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I was using ekombi more when I first built a fates, but I have no grid so the control scheme was a bit hard for me. The encoder sensitivity was way too high for me to accurately use it.

That said, if it were easier to control and had crow trigger outs as an option I’d certainly make use of it.

Edit: inspired to go back to it this morning. It’s a great sequencer! Using a midi to cv converter for triggers and really enjoying the results. Crow implementation would be great! Clock in and 4 trigger outs. What would a be a good second input?

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I’m not sure exactly how I could get a CV Clock-in to work, since ekombi relies on a very fast metronome for divisions. I wonder if that could be accomplished with some sort of quantizing. I was thinking the two inputs could work as ways of changing the pattern. Either randomizing a track, or cycling through saved patterns.

There will definitely be 4 trigger outs, but I was considering putting envelope generators in the params menu. Maybe that can wait until the params menu overhaul, it’s pretty crowded already.


I’ve been hard at work updating ekombi. Because of the great new global clock, I’ll be able to add a lot of features to make it a more fulfilled sequencer. Step-wise parameters, beats with different subdivisions in the same track, and combining a bunch of patterns to make songs. Think OP-Z with more rhythmic control. I’m planning support for every grid size (or at least most, I haven’t tested ack’s limits yet), and with the new version being very grid-centric, editing patterns with only norns won’t be super accessible.

Hope to have v2 out before the end of the month.


if anyone would like to test or proofread the new version I’m working on, here’s the repo I’ve been committing to.

It’s in a pretty bare-bones state right now, but should work for some quick music making.

currently have:

  • grid display
  • subdivisions per step (calling them beats and sub-beats)
  • subdivisions toggle on/off (beats can be toggled manually via REPL)
  • global clock
  • crow trigs (1-4), midi trigs, and random samples
  • supports all grid sizes (let me know if there are issues, I only have a 128 to test w)

next on the agenda:

  • step components
  • norns display
  • pattern saving/auto-saving
  • song construction

two tracks of ekombi with crow, maths, and a mangrove.


Hi everyone

I tried to load the application on FATES but I can’t. I see the error message load fail
thanks for any help

I might’ve messed things up a bit because I changed the ekombi-v2 repository to ekombi, the url in the library manager is probably trying to pull the new version, and there may be conflicts.

Can you open up the directory in maiden and show me the contents?