digital tape loop (softcut m4l wrapper)


this is pretty much just a max for live “wrapper” for softcut. just one voice (mono) w/ all the parameters exposed in a straightforward way so you can build your own interface around it with MIDI/automation. It can be used for looping, delaying, fo-granular-ing, and stuff in-between those things.

the softcut~ external is still in development, so there’s some clicks and other details that need to be addressed, but all the mapped functions work. hopefully before too long I’ll have time to do some in-depth testing and bug-fixing - but in the meantime - it’s still v fun && sounds amazing.


macOS (at the moment)
Ableton Live
Max for Live


drop ekphras.amxd in an audio track in Ableton.




Hey Andrew,

Quick bug I’ve found, dropping something into the buffer view doesn’t auto-resize the buffer so you get some funny behavior, like the start and end points of the audio being off, also doesn’t update the window so short samples are squished into the start of the viewer.

FYI the windows build of the SoftCut~ external works with this.

just some window drawing wonkiness. I think I just fixed it

Ahh u reminded me I haven’t checked out that PR yet !


so stoked about this!

did you mean to exclude softcut~.mxo with the master folder? if so, it should be listed as a requirement

the idea is that the .amxd packages the external so u don’t have to worry about it. max constantly fights me about this though, and it’s difficult to test with certainty whether you’ve done it >: (

has anyone gotten this working out of the box ?? it sounds like the externals in dirge ended up working

(oh and spoilers, cranes is almost done)


ah, my mistake. sorry! it’s all working well, didn’t mean to cause worry.

yes, it’s wonderful.

hellllllll yessssss, thank you!


Woahhhhh can’t wait to try this later!! Appreciating all of these M4L devices

Is there something special I need to know/do to make this work? I have dropped it into an audio track and to test dropped a sample into the buffer but it doesn’t play when I press play on Ekphras and/or when I have the transport engaged in Ableton


the default settings shouuuuld be enough to get it playing once you hit play. that might mean you are missing the external - just to conform it’s not the sample maybe try record in ?

@Prnts does Dirge work for you ? If neither of those work for you maybe share some specs

has anyone else tried this app ? @dan_derks & @taubaland have both installed the softcut~ external before, so that might b skewing their results

thx 4 hanging in w/ me y’all

I’ll install now. I have not put softcut on my computer yet, so i’ll let you know how it goes!

great ! yea the goal is the .amxd just working w/o anything else installed

Yup, I dropped a mono audio file and I’m getting no playback currently.

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ok, well, I just tried packaging again and also brought in some fixes @Taubaland suggested. all seems well from my end.

are you on macOS @ludvista29 @Prnts ? I can’t get it to package the windows externals when I’m not on windows

If this fails I might just add extra install instructions for devices w/ externals

Yes I’m on OSX Mojave currently! Should I re-download?


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Dirge is working. I’m on OSX ableton 10.1 suite

Re-downloaded and now its working thanks

Works now :v: Thanks @andrew!

slowly but surely, we are unraveling this wonderful bug that the folks at cycling74 have bestowed upon us

I’ve got Dirge working but not Ekphras. Mac OS 10.12.6 Sierra
Live 10.1

the last version was broke @eblomquist ! download again I think it’s good