Electra One Midi Controller

Hi !
I’ve just got this really nice midi controller. It’s been a long time I was looking for something like this. And I love it !
here is my preset for Aalto :



I’ll try to make preset for Norns and give you my feedbacks :slight_smile: :blush:


The build quality is first class ! The encoders have a very pleasant feel !

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Have it since December 2019 and still love it. Plus the team behind it and the community are fantastic and a joy to communicate with.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :blush:

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just came to the forum to post this. sounds like it’s a great tool to have in a hardware setup

looks very nice too


this could be a real good controller for my max/msp and U-he synths… thx guys


Got mine delivered about a week ago and was surprised there isn’t a thread here yet, it’s a really nice platform and it seems like a lot of the software is “open source” (or at least something like it). Seems a promising platform for MIDI hacking :slight_smile:


https://forum.electra.one/ this is their forum, now used for discussions instead of github

Sadly, none of it appears to be open source. There will be no hacking/improving/bug-fixing/alt-firmware for this device.

The preset format is very nicely documented, as are the sysex messages for controlling the unit. So you could write your own preset manager.

well, lua scripting is on the way :slight_smile:


Are you trying to bait me? :crazy_face:

What does it mean ? And what does it open for norns ?

:slight_smile: I wanted to say I am trying to find ways how to make it possible to do hacking on the device.

It means that users will be able to write their own “programs” for electra. eg. a sequencer or something…


20 characters of happyness :slight_smile:

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Funny. This is the same for me. Ordered on sunday and I will receive it today… And I also thought that different than normally, this time the timespan between finding out about it and ordering was quite short


Uh, I’m about to order this. Looks a bit like want I’ve ever wanted from a MIDI controller.

A few questions if you don’t mind ?

  • the screen is touch sensitive and allows control of Toggle states ? Any perceptible latency ?
  • can you remotely change the display (labels) with sysex or osc messages ?
  • can it be used as a USB to DIN to play synths from a DAW ?
  • can it be used to send sysex messages (I dream of a Matriarch Globals editor)

Yes, you can control toggle states. Both “toggle” and “momentary” states are supported. Midi message can be assign to off->on as well as on->off transition.

Currently not, but requested by the community - it will make it easier to integrate and keep in sync with DAWs.

yes. electra one is basically a USB - midi interface. It has two USB ports and thes are mapped to the MIDI IO DIN ports.

yes, sysex supported.

Anyways, I do not want to act here as a salesman. I just wanted to let you guys now about the lua and could not ignore the questions I can answer. if you want me to shut up, just let me know :slight_smile:


Wow. Insanely cool, thanks !!

all good @martin.e1
For quite some time I wanted to have such a controller…
Now is the time


Wish it did OSC too. I assume it still doesn’t (it didn’t)

Mine arrives Thursday. It looks like a dream. I hesitated only because I wish it did relative control - I have just had such terrible experiences with takeover / pickup failing in performance setups WHILE performing (very ugly when that comb filter you are trying dampen the feedback on suddenly LOSES all of its damping before you can think not to play the next note to compensate) but still very hopeful.

I’m hoping it receives data from VSTs that it’s controlling in a DAW (the common scenario where the controller is actually controlling automation that sends feedback rather than just direct midi cc to the plugin.) I use U-he’s Zebra and Bazille extensively, and this looks like finally THE dream controller for Zebra (I know that will require lots of pre-work designing the preset but if it works I am ready to do it) - but these don’t output midi feedback unless it’s via automation in the host. I see there’s an Ableton setup that appears to be based on automation parameters for plugins, but hoping it works in eg Reaper and other DAWs.
(If the device is designed the way it appears to be, it not only should, but would become the be all and end all of multi- VST instrument control for live performance via Realearn!)
I suspect I’ll have trouble not just waiting by the door for DHL all day Thursday :-).

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