Electret & Electromagnetic Microphones

recently did a project using the adafruit electret boards with a max9814 onboard amp. they were surprisingly good and sensitive to my ears given the space they were set up in. the amp being on the board with the mic helps reduce noise, and the auto adjustment in volume levels can either be a big help or a pain depending on what you want to do with the mics, its almost like a really primitive auto compression. the whole set up is still pretty sensitive to power supply noise, so probably best with battery power than direct from a USB.

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No problem! I hope it can help you and others looking for the same solution. There’s surprisingly little in the way of this type of thing, although what is available is really great! I hope there’s much more to be shared by all in the future.

Alright! Same preamp as before (I had two of 'em), and smaller box. A tight squeeze, but a better battery container, smaller, more compact. Still loud as hell! Going to be a nice travel preamp.


Hello all!
I was looking how to get acoustic sound into Norns for playing around with, without some big preamp or dealing with phantom power. I happened upon the design by TI here:
It uses this specific electret mic for boosting to line level:
Anyway, I thought it might be cool to squish it down so it fits along the side of a 9v battery:

I’m using a couple of stereo 3.5mm sockets which have the ring disconnected, so you can just use mono 3.5mm jacks to connect the mic to the board, and same for the board to Norns/whatever.

So my question is this:
Is this a pointless waste of time/energy to do? I have no knowledge of electret mics (or pretty much any mics for that matter) so I don’t know if it’s worthwhile or not.


bit of a necro bump here

seeing as the lom mics have been out of stock since forever, I thought maybe some of the smart folk here have been up to some diy trickery

the LM386 pre-made amplifier circuit boards @NeuroNoNeuro was working with seem like a nice affordable start.
they are also capable of running at 5v so maybe one could be made to plug into an iPhone?

maybe though just making a little isolated box using 1/8" adapter and 9v is the move(could be better shielded too)

have some electrets here(they are probably shit lol), but gonna grab a couple Panasonics as well and see how it all goes

what y’all been making or using as an alternative?


I ended up making my design a reality:

There are two versions, but they generally operate the same. The tiny version is definitely more annoying to make, though.

@ramphands ha, just saw bunch of your writing about this in the very similar thread… maybe these two threads should be joined(mod?)