Electric Dharma Wheels: changing 'scenes' via midi

Does anyone know if there is a way to address the scenes (across the bottom of the patch) via midi? Thanks.

i checked, it’s not implemented.

this would be a trivial edit, with even the most basic knowledge of max. it’s just a preset box, so you’d need to create a midi input, and route a program change (or whatever your want) message to the preset.

are you familiar with max at all?

You know, I haven’t delved under the hood yet, but that is something I’ve been wanting to do, so maybe this would be a good exercise. I’ll play around with it and report back. Thanks.

finding the preset box is the hardest part. unlock the patcher, and you’ll find it under the first big rectangle on the left.

I’ll be damned if I didn’t figure it out! I’m a Max expert! Er, I mean, I stumbled my way around until it worked…

Thanks for your help as always.