Electric Noodle Box DIY Synth Modules

Haven’t seen this posted here so I thought I would share: Recently discovered Electric Noodle Box It’s a blog and DIY resource repository writtten by Aidan Taylor aka Ginko. I’ve been following their Youtube for a long time. I recently discovered Electric Noodle Box, and I have to say I’m quite intrigued. I’ve taken a long break from DIY but I am curious to try and build some of these modules.

The website includes resources for an entire system (VCO, ENV, Clock, waveshaper + more) and I really appreciate the detailed schematics and circuit explanation. I think it roughly follows eurorack spec, but the example system is banana jack. Very generous that they made their work open source as well.

Just thought this was a cool find, and wanted to share! This could make for the bones of a great modular system, I will be looking into getting some of these PCBs fabbed for sure.