Electric truck


i thought i’d point at this, since i played a (very) small role in the engineering (designed the OLED multi-display) and it falls within the ideas of some other threads.

my friend and neighbor just unveiled a very ambitious project: an all-electric truck.




Assuming I can afford it (couldn’t find a price?) this may very well be my next vehicle. It’s beautiful. I’ve been wanting an electric truck for many many years.


very cool! always happy to see a new vehicle with some proper character


I really like this pass through loading idea.


I always loved squarish vehicules, I feel miserable in this very “roundish” cars era, they all look pretty much the same and super ugly to me, so this is fabulous and I wish I could see more of those. (That must be why I enjoy low poly videogames so much too! No 130 millions polygon vehicules! 3 cubes on top of eachother and off we go!)

Edit: Oh yeah, I’m such a sucker for aesthetics I completely forgot to mention the obvious : Way to go electric vehicules!!


As somebody who has been extremely disappointed with most automotive design made since the 70s… I must say that I find this quite interesting and refreshing. Reminds me of this in a good way:

Also think the load-though thing is brilliant!


Beautiful minimal retro design.


This is absolutely unreal. Very unique and well thought out. I want one!

Any details about the display? Not seen yet in the promos


beautiful. I just imagined a pair of arc knobs to navigate the OLED :open_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


ZOMG looks like a defender, only not as planet-killish.


That’s pretty cool.

As said, the pass-through loading is a really ingenious idea. As is the option to convert from half to full cab.


0-60 in 4.5 seconds? This thing is a beast!


put me in mind of the indestructible magic of the Lada Niva:


Wow it looks really badass, I love the design. Curious on range, price and reviews!


can’t think of the last time I got on an email list that fast.


I love the idea of one of these with solar panels (or insert other energy source you can procure in a forest/apocalypse). Killer design, especially the pass through.