Electro-Smith Daisy Microcontroller Platform

I don’t think it would be too difficult to do, but it would it still take some work. From what little I’ve seen of the MI codebases, they seem to have decoupled the DSP bits from the hardware-specific bits, so this should make portability easier.

It’s a far more likely outcome that ES will port individual DSP components to their DaisySP library, rather than try to have one-to-one module compatibility.

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FYI, this just got posted on their kickstarter:

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for adding displays to the Patch and Field platforms, which we think is a great idea!

The downside is that we might have to remove some features in order to squeeze them in :frowning:

Here are some mockups that we’ve been working on. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Instead of a 4x4 led display, an OLED display. Resolution + size is not mentioned, though 128x64 would be a good guess (like the norns).

They don’t seem to explicitly mention which features they’d have to let go of, but judging from the mock-ups, the quadraphonic audio would be one of the things that would have to go.

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Interesting! So would the individual DSP elements be things like Cloud’s granular vs it’s reverb, or is it lower level than that? Another thing I’d be interested in is the wavefolder from one of the Warps modes.

Depends. It’s dictated by how the code is structured. Also, it’s at the discretion of the author porting the code how much granularity (no pun intended) is desired.

Jumping in blind here, but a quick glance at the at the Clouds code shows that there seems to be a handful of self-contained components including the granulator, a looper, a WSOLA sampler, a phase vocoder, a correlator, a reverberator, and a pitch shifter. All bits that could potentially be mixed and matched in new an interesting ways. Some rain and sunshine to go with your clouds.

Those components do break down into lower levels. The Reverb, for instance, breaks down into delay line components, which are then used as delays and allpass filters in the reverb topology. These come with the reverb code one way or another. You could also port these as well. BUT, from a creative audio-programming standpoint, it’s probably not really worth breaking the reverb algorithm up.


The latest Kickstarter update from daisy:

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is the Vin going to +5 volt?

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I believe they said it could be USB powered, which would mean there should be 5v on there somewhere…


Got another backer update today. Electrosmith is based in California and there is the full shelter in place order there so fulfillment will be delayed. According to their update they’re shooting for mid-May shipping at this point. I guess we’ll see what happens.

That is a completely understandable turnaround time but I can’t say I’m not bummed. I was hoping to get to mess with my Daisy during quarantine times. But then again given the truly awful federal response here in the states, and just the nature of this disease we may be in quarantine long past mid-May I suppose…

Has libdaisy gotten a release yet? I’m experimenting with some of the DaisySP examples. This GitHub issues from several weeks ago implied that libdaisy should be out soon, but I can’t find the code right now if it’s out there.

it’s almost certainly going to VCC on a voltage regulator to step it down to 3.3V; the whole thing is a 3.3V device. So yeah, it’s the raw, mucky 5V from the USB port. But all the IO is going to be 3V3.

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On the Electro-Smith website the controller is set to be released in mid-may. Does that mean that I can get the Daisy now? Or when can I expect to be able to buy this awsome board? :slight_smile:

The website appears to still be for pre-orders. As far as I know, the Kickstarter orders haven’t shipped yet. I’m sure Electrosmith will post an update when that happens.

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It appears they started to ship.

Electro-Smith also posted some new GitHub repos:


Not sure when these will be available for people who didn’t participate in the Kickstarter. Here is a backer update on shipping that I got yesterday:

There will be 5 waves of shipping, occurring in this order:

  1. Daisy Seed Development Board

  2. Daisy Pod Breakout Board

  3. Daisy Patch Eurorack Module

  4. Daisy Petal Guitar Pedal

  5. Daisy Field Desktop Synth

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our warehouse is still operating according to social distancing guidelines and with a reduced staff, so please be patient as we work our way through each tier . We expect that the entire shipping process could take up to 4 weeks.

Hey! Looks like they made the libdaisy repo public now:


I just got my daisy seed yesterday and I’m starting to look through the docs on github now… haven’t even plugged it in yet but I noticed the headers really don’t want to stay settled in most of my breadboards. I’ve tried a few – had no problem with ICs or other components, but none of them seem to fit headers without popping back out immediately. I don’t want to push it so hard I snap the thing in half before I even do a hello world. :slight_smile: It really only floats on top of them, I’m skeptical there’s a decent connection though I haven’t tested yet:

I have a couple mini breadboards that don’t have the same issue, and if I stack some more headers onto the daisy it pops in fine, although I’m missing about 12 pins that way…

Any other daisy seed owners notice this? It’s not a big deal, but I was surprised! I’m a noob so maybe this is normal and I need to get a different kind of larger breadboard? I got mine from at least 3 or 4 different sources over the last couple years, but the mini guys from (I think) sparkfun are the only ones that don’t seem to have any problem.

Anyway, outside of the oddness of a successful flash with dfu-utils normally returning an error… I have a blinken light. :slight_smile:

Now onward to sound…


Shipping update from Electro-Smith:

Eurorack modules next in queue!


Received my daisy pod this weekend but haven’t had time to dig in yet. Excited to do that whenever work calms down but that is probably weeks away :confused:

Anyway, there’s a forum on specifically for the daisy now too! Just signed up and posed my first of many beginner questions :slight_smile:

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Just got my Patch in today, gonna poke around at it this week. It’s been a loooooong time since I touched C++ but maybe I can do something with PD.

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