Elements: Electronic Improv Series Vol 1

Hey there!

I organized an event here in the Oak Park/Chicago area called Elements: Electronic Improv Series. The show happened on June 4th, but we decided to record and release the show because we were all so stoked with how it went.

There were 6 electronic musicians invited to improvise in 3 duo sets, some of which had never met before. It featured a variety of instruments and approaches, from laptop and Nord Modular, to Buchla, Serge, eurorack and Ciat-Londbarde instruments.

Each duo ended up improvising for about 25 minutes, and the sets are documented here:

Featured were myself (Donny Mahlmeister), Jim Schoenecker, Todd Mattei, Ryan Duncan, Jamie Levinson and Jay Mollerskov.

We are hopefully doing this again, somewhere in the Chicago area. Get in touch if you’d like to be a part of it in the future!


Love the concept, great improvs! I host a similar event. Mainly eurorack. Here’s a compilation we released with performances from the first nine editions:


thats really good! I think Electronic improvisation is way harder than with “Classical” instruments. You can get lost in the wiggling of the knobs easy and forget to listen to others, but in your case, you can keep it together effortlessly! you have a really good sense of space all the time, which brings this release in my ears to the top! Great work!

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