This is the worst. I have one customer that does this and every time my internal monologue screams, “THANKS BUT WHAT, JOYCE?!”


Funny, “thanks” is one place I would not be inclined to use ellipses!

I don’t use them when I use exclamation points or question marks…

Interesting how this thread is unfolding…

I wonder if I like to use them because almost every thought feels incomplete, perhaps tying in with the ADD thread…

You’re all great!




i used to regularly use this loophole but with underscores rather than ellipses


learning Japanese ends up kinda like using ellipses all the time.

things like すみませんがちょっとsumimasen ga chotto translates like “I’m sorry, but that’s a little…” (with the voice trailing off at the end)
The phrase is typically used instead of saying “no” to some question.


Funnily enough i consider a full stop more likely to cause accidental rudeness or a misunderstanding than ellipsis in text messaging.




I believe that I avoid ellipses in messages, working extra hard to bring sentences to their full-stop conclusion, as a way to make up for all the sentences that trail off when I speak in real life, when my ADD brain gets lost.

I have tried to use them that way in playwriting to indicate utterances that peter out midway, but discovered in live reads that the convention in scripts is for ellipses to set up interruptions – cessation of speech due to external, rather than internal causes.


my discourse pet peeve: it automatically converts two dots to ellipses. i find .. and ... quite a bit different in meaning.

also reminded me of this: https://twitter.com/namwalien/status/1171081079463088130

it’d be cool to make a norns script that parses given text and generates sounds where each punctuation mark or combination is assigned to a particular sound.

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i initially read this as “eclipses”…

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Never come across that interpretation before, and am a prolific user.
If open-ended question will also happily pair with an interrogation.

Vote for is for Not Jerk.

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i have found myself sometimes using…!

i have no idea but it is exciting!




just to echo (while also compressing) statements/sentiments from the ADHD thread—oh, and i suppose make an addition, now that i’m thinking of it—there are a handful of punctuations & other tools of grammar that are essential re: articulating my thoughts in text-format: em dashes, parentheses, hyphens (for compound words/concepts), forward slashes, and ellipses…


We appear to be traveling similar linguistic/thought trails, my friend!

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I find them a near impossible to resist in certain emails.

My intent: to hint at additional complexity the reader can likely imagine, but I can’t be bothered to explain…

Their interpretation: Who knows…

I literally have to go through my emails and edit 50-60% of them out these days. Not sure what that says about me.

(50-60% deleted here).

Well I never even thought that … was could be construed as annoyance or aggression. Even implying doubt was for me a shared doubt rather than doubting another.
I’ve always used ellipses implying the words don’t need to be said, as in we are on the same page, or have common understanding, which to me is a way of allying or finding a common point to bond.
Now for all the times a text or message exchange has ended with … from me. To think … ?

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Ah, a Victor Borge module!


Damn, for people who consider they talk to much on online forums this thread is…

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i’m indecisive torn about which topic to reply to re: this bit. but since we’re mainly talking punctuation here (even though it’s totally relevant to the ADHD thread), i’ll drop it in this one.

i was recently reminded of just how perfect strikethroughs and inserted lines are, as further tools in articulating/organizing with the ADHD.

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