ELTA Music SOLAR 50 movie soundtrack synth

I’m mostly trying to fight-off any GAS these days as I can clearly hear the voice in my head panicking up about owning way more stuff than it’s humanely possible to learn and cherish but this one flared up that rare sense of wow and need, whether fake or real, by producing an instant TrentReznorAtticusRossTheSocialNetworkNINGhosts kinda sound.

Addmittedly I caught myself thinking about owning this, the Lyra8, the other Soma drum synth, that Erica Synthtrx, and then I stopped. Here I am enticing you. Let me know what you think. Seems like a very ambient-worthy synth, this one; something tells me it fits right in here.

And yet another loopop video


Someone with a lot of patience will make great use of it. I personally wouldn’t make more than one patch with it, all that time tuning, just to do it again and again :slight_smile:

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I haven’t played with this in real life so I’m talking based on Loopop’s video.

Having 10 voices, 5 OSC each, is amazing, even if they are only sawtooth waves. However, the inability to sensibly track pitch them seems like an unnecessary limitation to me. At best you can painstakingly tune them to be 10 voices of separate pitch, giving you a rather limited note palette for melody. That means this device will be a challenge in a live setting if we’re talking reproducible music. Good luck keeping it in tune and switching tunings between songs. You can always hide behind claims of microtonality but unless the tuning is deliberate, it’s just smoke and mirrors.

That being said, I get that Elta designed Solar 50 as an “ambient machine”, and as you say yourself it sounds promising for soundtrack work. I’m sure there will be artists using Solar 50 successfully to great effect that way. But even for this use case it could have been a more impactful ambient instrument if the mixer panned in stereo and the filter and FX were stereo, too. I mean, are you going to push 50 oscillators across 10 voices through a mono filter and mono FX? Its stereo outs don’t solve this either as they are hard panning 5 voices to each channel, limiting what soundscapes you can build with the device. To build binaural atmospheres you’ll have to overdub and use external filters and FX anyway.

Personally, I think a Solar 32 (8 voices with 4 OSC each) but with a stereo mixer (with free panning for each voice), stereo filter, stereo FX, and a few more avenues for modulation, would be a much more impactful sweet spot here.


I saw it too and first had GAS for it. And i have to compare it to the Lyra-8. I own a diy Lyra-8 and from what i hear from the SOLAR 50 the Lyra has a much wider sonic palette.