Embarrassingly surface-level Pd question

i’m trying to use serialosc in pd-extended as per the grid studies tutorial, but i’m not sure where the /files folder is, as it’s referred to in the tutorial. i copied and pasted serialosc.pd into the folder i’m using but it still throws a lot of errors for udpsend et al, so i’m not sure that’s the solution.

i don’t have my grid on me so i can’t really test to see if it works at the moment but i have a feeling it won’t. this feels like such a silly question but what am i missing? where’s /files? i’m new to Pd so i’m not sure if i’ve skipped steps in its setup.

thanks for any help!

if i understand correctly the “/files” folder can be any folder of your choice. Just create a folder somewhere and put all the files (study.pd, serialosc.pd) in it.
In Pd you can use an existing patch (say utility_patch.pd file) from inside any another patch (say main.pd).
The “easiest” way is to put the utility_patch.pd file in the same folder as main.pd then create an object in main.pd and type “utility_patch.pd” as a new object name. If utility_patch is found, the object will be created. If it is not found, the console will say something like “object not found” and the border of the box will be a dotted instead of solid line.
There is no embarrassing question, especially regarding Pd, which main concepts can be quite hard to grasp (at least they have (and some still are) for me ^^).