Embedded video playback issue in fullscreen mode

There seems to be an issue that renders embedded videos from both youtube and vimeo to playback in fullscreen mode directly from the forum. The issue is that when a video starts playing and I click on the fullscreen icon, the video briefly enters fullscreen then immediately snaps back to the forum but in a different location. The video seems to keep playing although you have to find it in the thread again. Weird.

I’ve noticed this on 2 different OS X systems using Safari and my work craptop running Windows 8 and IE.

I had that same problem too so I guess this is a thing indeed.

seen this also. all we can really do is wait for the discourse maintainers to apply a fix.

Someone could post to meta.discourse.org describing the issue. Might speed things up.

this is a known issue, and is caused by a bug within safari and chrome, which both use a webkit rendering engine.

workarounds: click the YT icon embedded in the video to launch it in a new tab. or use Firefox, which doesn’t have this bug.