Emission Control 2: Open-source granulator

Super grateful for this! Can confirm working on windows 10 and working midi control with 16n faderbank.

Here’s a demo of it with a sound file created previously in MLR for Norns and Grid.
Just some convolution reverb added in post.


the fact that it works on windows AND the midi works :0 . thank you for this, love to see it leaving out little cave.

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AHH, I thought I have seen names I have vaguely heard before. Hope to be going to MAT in the fall of next year.

Andres has been a saint in this whole process, always helpful and patient.

Thanks for the information, this will be quite valuable in this scary excursion of actually finishing something for the first time. HA

Yes I was able to use the Asio drivers of the audio interface and connect the 16n via the PC and add that too. I read about some of the earlier software in ‘Microsound’ so this modern release is a great gift. Thanks to the development team and thanks again to the creators of the 16n. Its a perfect fit for the crucial controls on the left of the screen. Brilliant! :smiley:

How nice is this ! 20 characters of jealousy

There actually seem to be some tools (like debtap) that can convert Debian packages to Arch ones. However, the documentation of debtap describes this as a “quick ‘n’ dirty solution” and recommends creating real Arch packages that build the project from source instead. So as soon as it is possible to build on Arch, I could see if I manage to create a package and publish it to AUR. I’ve never done this before but it shouldn’t be to complicated!


Just spent the morning running the win10 build. Thanks to all involved! This is an amazing tool.


it crashes on me when I try to load a sound file :confused: anybody else with the same issue?

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@Emile Hello, sorry about the crashes, still working out operating system issues at the moment. What operating system do you happen to be running? (eg OSX Sierra)

@fahmi_m Unfortunately, the back-end logic doesn’t account for live input. Perhaps for a later update. You can add suggestions for new features here if you would like: https://github.com/jackkilgore/EmissionControl2/issues

I’m running Mojave on a hackintosh. Thanks for sharing this, I look forward to, hopefully, use it! :slight_smile:

This is fantastic. Many big thanks to everyone who put the hard work in and were kind enough to make it available to all.

This is so cool! I wonder if any of Roads’ other software might see a new life beyond MacOS9 Classic.

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Yes! NuPG (New Pulsar Generator) will be released soon: https://www.marcinpietruszewski.com/the-new-pulsar-generator


Excited for both of these thanks everyone!

I can’t tell from the link @trickyflemming - will the new Pulsar Generator be compiled like the new Emission Control 2 at the top of the thread, or is that link the new one already?

It’s supposed to be publicly released this year. I’ve heard people can message him to try the pre-release version. The second link I posted is a set of two compilations made by people using the pre-release version.

Ah got it. Nice thanks!

Thanks @jack-kilgore and @rondo and for pointing this out @trickyflemming

I’m currently tutoring a group of students at Ravensbourne in experimental music and this will be perfect for them to use. Finding a cross-platform standalone granulator is oddly difficult! And as we are distance learning due to Covid we are away from labs with Ableton Max etc…

So really grateful you put this out for free (even with a manual!)


For your students


Love these guys too!

I’ve just been making patches on this and letting them play whilst doing other things this evening, and I’m really looking forward to using this tool more!

Thanks for sharing!!