Emotional Honesty


Not going to name names, but I’m constantly impressed by the maturity, emotional awareness, and honesty that I encounter on these forums.

That is all. :slight_smile:

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I will agree with this observation. I leave here feeling energized and somehow cleaner for the experience.


Woohoo! I wish I had the time to be here more. It is recharging.


Next stop IRL - why I’m going to therapy…


I don’t know if I would call it emotionally aware, (considerate?) but it certainly is my kind of place…I absolutely love the level of politesse.


yes! new to the forum and have been pretty amazed at the amount of patience and positivity!


As someone who’s moderated mailing lists and newsgroups for nearly 30 years, back to the days of bangpaths and gateways and the like, I have this to say: the tenor of discussion on this forum is rare, precious, and fragile, and should never be taken for granted lest it begin to fray.

Considering the slippery slopes that many other forums have slid down in recent times, the readers and mods of the lines forum should be simultaneously proud of themselves and resistant to complacency.


Emotional honesty is the only reason I’m still alive right now, and it is also one of the main driving forces for the art and music I’m making these days. I’m grateful for finding such an honest and accepting community here.


I just want to share again that i always feel an overall kindness when i visit this site, a more intellectual feeling and a general good vibe. So to borrow from Ascott, Is there friendship in the Telematic Embrace? I think so.

Feeling Gratitude for the congregation of like minded people in the digital environment




It’s a wonderful and nice forum. I am a new member and currently reading the backlog of posts, writing down ideas, and listening to your work. The tone of the discussions is something to treasure these days. I am also grateful for being part of this and as soon as I finish recoding some of my old patches I hope to be a kind and open contributer as well!


I lurked of this forum for a while as an alternative to MW ( which is great as an information archive but terrible for conversations) and now that I have joined the community I feel very at home here. The level of conversation is really high and doesn’t often get shouty, and when it does it usually calms down with concious reconsiderations on both sides.

It seems to me as though the welcoming nature of the forum allows for everyone to be more vulenrable and thus elevating the whole experiance.

If on other forums like MW or /mu/ you fear for your life about writing your opinion on something or putting your work out for the fear of being ad-hominemmed to death and denigrated, here on the other hand the atmosphere facilitates empathy.

Some people have reached emotional honesty (or consciousness) but mainly I think the driving force for me here is empathy.