Empress Zoia & Euroburo ... modular in a stompbox

Interesting. I’ve toyed around building a SuperCollider UI thing for modular components based on similar ideas, but where each module was a button. Not sure if it was a good or awkward way of patching, though.

holy smokes. it takes cc. im thinkin guitar and sixteen-n faderbank. im strangely totally sold on this pedal…


I was thinking the same…
Ive recently been doing some fun things with a Push 2, rPI and Organelle (and pure data).
there I use the display for parameters and (obviously) using the pads as a playing surface… but with a bit of dynamic PD patching it could be fun to use it for patching.
drawback is an 8x8 grid, but having a decent size display offers a lot of visualisation possibilities.

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Once a full-fledged looper module is implemented, I’m sold, especially if LFOs/sequencers can control loop points a la granular-ish scrubbing.

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Just got an Echosystem myself, and spent the past few hours totally lost in it. It is seriously delicious, and it has added a huge dimension to my rig. Instant love. :star_struck:


Anybody hear anything recent about this?

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Yes, when the Zoia was showed it was a prototype. Since, they have added MIDI I/O via 1/8" jacks and added some more modules.
Still hoping for end of year.

Recently had more images of the unit on their Instagram

Ah thanks! Gonna follow them on instagram :slight_smile:

Shipping April 15th!!!

Anyone grabbing one?

Here’s a little Cuckoo tutorial on how to build some patches…


Yes! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one.

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Uggg. I pre ordered the DUO X last summer, and Zoia + the constant delays on the X are really making me regret that decision.

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Yup. I’ve been champing at the bit for this. :smiley:


I’m thinking this could pair nicely with a mono synth to provide both sequencing and effects. It would simplify my live setup tremendously

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I’m thinking of making some custom fx/looper patches for my eurorack live setup myself. Would like to play with its sequencing capabilities as well. I already have a midi/cv converter. Seems like there are a lot of fun applications possible with the Zoia.

oh hell yeah. halfway through cuckoo’s mega tutorial and i’m already scheming what to sell so i can cop one of these.

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So close to ordering one of these! Wonder how the sound compares to their other pedals, like if there is the same essence of reverb as in their reverb pedal, if all of the presents from their echo system are re-creatable within zoia and if they would sound the same or like a step down dsp-wise?

do you guys think can be midi/usb controllable?
wondering about controlling the looper / synth with a faderfox LV3

It is MIDI controllable. It is in the interface category. Check out the manual :slight_smile:

cool thanks!
just midi in/out so, no usb host. I need to find a way to control it with what i already have in terms of controllers (which are all only usb :cry:

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I thought this was impossible so I’ve read the manual. It’s real, there is NO USB. For me this is a dealbreaker. Totally.