Emulating a Launchpad, on a Monome Grid

I know that historically there have been multiple implementations of monome grid emulation using a Launchpad as the device. And that is awesome because it has opened up access to the world of monome grid apps to users with other grid devices.

But there are also many apps that have Launchpad integration but do not support monome directly (e.g. Renoise, Numerology). Has anyone ever implemented a Launchpad emulation on the monome grid? I know it wouldn’t really be feasible on a 64 since you’d lose the 16 navigation buttons, but it should be feasible on a 128, e.g. using the left half for the grid and the right half for navigation,

If no one has done it, I will, but I thought I’d ask first to avoid duplicating effort. I had a look through the app archive and old forum archive and didn’t find any evidence of such a project, but maybe some of you with a much longer monome history will know!

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I’m not aware of any attempts, but I can say I would be stoked to see the monome emulate another controller

I know there have been efforts to emulate the workflow of an MPC with an app called NPC (can’t say I have a great deal of experience with it, as I prefer my actual MPC) but that’s still hardware. Software controller emulators would be next level!

Well, since there’s apparently no prior art I will definitely be having a go at it. Kudos to Novation for thoroughly documenting the MIDI implementation of the Launchpads - it looks like this should not be too difficult to replicate.

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Please let us know what you come up with! I would love to see something like this in the apps list

Also interested! I’m building a few M4L devices and I’d like to add Launchpad compatibility. :slight_smile: