En defensa de la distracción

Hi Liners (is that the correct denonym?). I wanted to share an album i made in the last weeks.
Its inspired on how distracted i am and how that affects all aspects in my life: family, professional and music. Some songs i dont quite recall when or how i made them, though it seems i dedicated a lot of time and effort into them (seeing the daw session file). Others are related to repetitions with sparks or burst of sounds, which are related to triggers which made me lose focus.

There are several techniques in the production of this songs; some are born within the classical approach inside a DAW, others are more organic using gear that allow me to improvise.

Some notes regarding the tracks:

Dictafono & Sin pista: i used mx.samples for the main melodies and loops. There are sparks of Cheat Codes here and there.
Distra originated inside a modular rack. The percussive elements were made, i think, pinging filters and/or phasers (mostly because one the tracks is called e560, which is the now obsolete Deflector Shield)
En defensa was an old track that had a 808 style drum, which i removed. The i slowed the tempo to get a stronger feelings. There are new drums coming from a model:cycles, which is a great machine for polymetric stuff.
Ido are loops sampled from youtube into OOOOOO script from @infinitedigits

All is self released, produced and mastered inside Ableton.

I wanted to thanks this wonderful community which not only has affected how i approach music but how i approach life in general, trying to be a better person, one day at a time.

(If this post should go in a megathread because of its content. i apologized for any inconvenience)


Here are some codes for you :slight_smile:
Redeem at blit


this is so good. I especially love the groove in “Sin pista ni pelea”. everything is so jumpy but at the same time really smooth - imo thats a balance that’s really hard to do…but you do it!!! excellent work.

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Thanks! Couldn’t have done it without your work :slight_smile: I’m glad you enjoyed!

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i dig this, sin pista nin pelea is my jam. see you friday.


Thank you for sharing this and for generously providing codes to download! I used the code above and the first code (clpx-hzsh) appears to have been used already also. :slight_smile:

The description sounds great and I’m looking forward to listening. Have a great weekend!

Came back to say that “Sin pista ni pelea” is my fave. I love all the textures and different rhythms and movement—the brief breakdown is also really good! Excellent work on the whole collection of songs!


Thank you for your generosity, I look forward to hearing this.


Thanks a lot. It means the world to me :smiley:


@Blit - Highlight (for me!) is the first track, but the whole album fits together really well to make a cohesive whole. Thank you again for your generosity in sharing.

(If anyone’s missed the codes, here’s a gentle reminder that today is Bandcamp Friday…!) :smiley:


this is beautiful
and thanks for the code! I used us2d-vbwc

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Thank you! Enjoy!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your generosity with this music and the codes for it. Really liked En Defensa, especially the way the ambient noise in the background plays against those chordal washes. Good decision to downplay the rhythmic elements in that one (IMHO you could have removed the drums entirely)

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Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I thought the same thing but if I did, it would have sound similar to the first track. Also, it has been a long time since I haven’t used drums in my compositions.

Grabbed this one, thanks! The description described my life and mind almost perfectly, so a: I’m just glad to see you finish something, it’s an inspiration, and b: it sound really good!

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Thanks a lot. I’m not so alone anymore.
And yes, it’s hard to finish things nowadays. With work, parenting and pandemic stuff. I’m kind of amazed I have managed to release music, although I don’t think I could make a LP.


Love it and look forward to digging in while working this morning! I used cs9h-vth5 - peace

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all sounds great! will listen more in depth later. thanks for your notes on process. redeemed tseh-blrx

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Thanks a lot @yoyosandshoes @atlas , I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: