Endless Processor by Blukač Instruments

This was my first (and basically only) complaint about the EP but after using it for a while I came to love the impermanence of its sounds. That’s also why I started recording much more than I used to, and I had to open a thread asking for suggestions on how to review everything…


Long time listener, first time caller – thank you lines community for 3 years of intensive learning! In other words, this is my first post…

Anyhow, here’s a sound example from the Endless Processor – it’s many layers (most of the time) but very simple signal chain: quantized voltage sequence to complex oscillator, various waveforms to both sides of the EP then EP outs to two VCAs w/ two variable related envelopes, panned to the left and right. The sampling and length of sample were improvised (i.e. not sequenced randomly or otherwise). It’s kind of long:


It is technically not possible to retain the processed sounds between the power cycles.


The EP is a very impressive sounding module. Should there ever be an alt firmware, my feature request would be some way to change the pitch of the recordings. Maybe by using the two fade pots.


Just received mine today! What a beautiful piece of gear :slight_smile: Time to set it up and try some weird stuff…What has been your favorite sound source to put through it?

Here’s my first take, inspired by the sounds of the cold season:


Piano and cello always sound good, I also love to fill the buffer with memory full CW with a modulated drone from Pulsar-23 and listen how it retains some of the movement.

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Vocals are a favorite of mine, too. (Since you already got there.)

I find I generally just like what the EP does, though. I think the only thing I’ve thrown at it that I found disappointing were some nature field recordings (the sounds were too sparse; it tended to pick up the ambient background noise more than anything else; I’m sure there would be a use for even that, though, in the right context).


I was thinking of going to my local woods and recording some branch breaking, etc., curious to hear how it handles that. Extremely exciting module! Would love that capability like someone mentioned above, to switch between the layers using CV :slight_smile:


You’ll probably have more success with me. I was trying to randomly sample from some field recordings where birds occasionally chirped and wind occasionally blew and… it mostly just picked up the low hum from the air conditioners running at the time. It was not a very focused effort.


Hi Andrii

My Ep arrived today in sunny northern England, looking forward to using in my small rack. Hats off to anybody who can work/start a business under such extreme conditions. stay safe and all the best for the future.

slava ukraini


Nice one. Mine is stuck in Berlin customs for much longer than it was on its way to Berlin.

Hopefully it will move soon. Not in a rush and not worried yet.



German customs is the slowest I’ve ever encountered. Years ago I had a package stuck there for nearly 3 months.

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Some units in the reverb shop right now for anyone interested.

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@JD800 Thank you for your kind words! Hope that you will enjoy it.

@doomglue All others parcels that were going to Germany are already delivered, so I guess this customs process is pretty random. Anyway, hope you will get yours soon.


Dammit I missed it again


Just to make clear: I am not complaining, nor am I worried.


had my EP for a little while now and just wanted to reiterate how utterly invigorating and creative this instrument is. often at the end of a patch I’ll just route everything into the EP and use that as a starting point for a completely new patch - always always exciting to see how it interpolates the mix I send into it!


It truly is one of the most unique and inspiring modules out there, and does something that nothing else does. Big props to Blukač!


I finally had a chance to create a firmware update!

So, two things were added:

  1. Ability to re-purpose the “Clear” trigger input as a gate to select the channel via CV.
    In case the Channel switch is selected to “1”: 0 volts means Channel 1, high voltage - Channel 2.
    In case the Channel switch is selected to “2”: 0 volts means Channel 2, high voltage - Channel 1.
    (So it acts like the XOR/exclusive disjunction operation)

  2. Ability to select layers separately instead of layering them. When selecting the layer with the knob or with CV, the previous layer will fade out and the new one will fade in. While in transition, they could overlap, which may create a nice effect itself.

To enable (1): select “Channel” switch to “2” and hold the “Clear” button for 10 seconds. Led will blink several times indicating the alternative mode is enabled.
To disable (1): select “Channel” switch to “1” and hold the “Clear” button for 10 seconds. Led will blink several times indicating the usual mode is enabled.

To enable (2): turn the “Layer” knob to “V” (fully clockwise) and hold the “Clear” button for 10 seconds. Led will blink several times indicating the alternative mode is enabled.
To enable (2): turn the “Layer” to “I” (fully counterclockwise) and hold the “Clear” button for 10 seconds. Led will blink several times indicating the main mode is enabled.


  • All layers will be cleared when changing the modes.
  • You can change modes at the same time (e.g. enable/disable (1) and (2) simultaneously), or enable/disable either one of them
  • The selected choice will be preserved between power cycles.

Link to the firmware: https://blukac.com/files/firmware/endless_processor_v1_2a.zip
Info on how to update firmware is at the end of the manual: https://blukac.com/files/Endless_Processor_Manual.pdf

Note: This is the “alpha” version, so before it will be made “official”, there may be some issues.
In case you found some bug or have a concern, please contact me at andrii@blukac.com or write a DM.

CC: @pelang @oliodnb @ParanormalPatroler @Tl3ss @RasThavas


This sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try it!