Endless Rain

Endless Rain

This script generates up to four independent MIDI signal waves to constantly change your sound.


It’s very intriguing to hear how sounds are constantly changing. So I wanted to give a longer life to your tracks. With “Endless Rain” you can create up to four MIDI waves, with different range, speed and channel/cc. The actual moment in time of every wave is visualised.

I made this script in 6 hours and it was my first contact with Lua language, so I’m sure there are many things I could write better. I based on Changes code and idea.


  • Norns
  • any device with MIDI input


You can do everything only using two encoders.

  • E2 - changes a parameter, one by one.
  • E3 - changes parameter’s value.
    Any wave starts when the Time parameter is higher than 0.



YouTube example (no sound)


this seems like an incredible modulation source!

can you explain the time param a bit more? does modulation repeat a finite number of times?

yes, modulation is infinity. by changing the “Time” param you can set how long will take from the “Min” value to the “Max” one (in seconds).

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Thanks for making and sharing this! Works perfectly as a companion for the OP-1’s MIDI LFO feature.

I set CC to 1, 2, 3, 4 and CH to 1 (for all) and was able to send over USB using the cable provided by Teenage Engineering.


really cool idea :slight_smile:

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Great to see you evolving this idea!

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