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i finally decided to put out a compilation of recent (and not-so-recent) ambient tracks i’ve made for the recent bandcamp friday. they date from around 2019 to mid way through this year. there’s a decent offering of drone tracks alongside some synth noodles. the (approximate) list of gear i used is as follows: roland gaia sh-01, prophet rev2, live 11 suite (with a decent amount of plugins!), tascam porta one, monome norns shield, and a squier cv 60s jm.

it’s been a strange few years with a lot of change in my life, but making and listening to music is the one thing that has consistently seen me through. i’m not a huge participant here but i am an avid lurker and i would like to extend my appreciation to the community here for the music, discussion and everything in between. i hope all is well with you, and i hope you can find some comfort in these tracks. thank you so much !

as per lines tradition, here are a few bandcamp codes if anyone would like to add this to their collection:

  • 8svb-g93t
  • kx3g-wnag
  • kevz-cau3
  • k8bz-xbe4
  • nzxu-jwfa
  • lyev-kwe7
  • qt8r-k4r5
  • bnzw-gqwf
  • 5wte-uzda
  • rjz9-ezxb

These are great!! Thanks for sharing!!

Used rjz9-ezxb.

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