Ennio's Muse (Whitelabrecs Compilation)

I have a new track out on this incredible compilation by Whitelabrecs which aims to raise funds for Daniele Marzeddu’s “Return to Sea and Sardinia”. The project will retrace and document D.H Lawrence’s path in his book “Sea and Sardinia” since 2021 marks the book’s 100th anniversary.

The compilation features tracks by Glåsbird, Simeon Walker, Ian Hawgood, Adrian Lane, Théo Martin, Lorenzo Masotto, Mikael Lind, Emanuele Errante, Autistici & He Can Jog, Andrew Heath, Sven Laux, Grotta Veterano, The Green Kingdom, Blochemy, Anthéne & Simon McCorry, Logic Moon, Jazzdefector, Henrik Lauge & Enzo Orefice, Pruski, Andrew Lang, Mi Cosa de Resistance, S.hel, Pie Are Squared, Polaroid Notes and Nebel lang.

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