Envelop for Live

Did you guys see this was finally released? Really looking forward to taking it for a real spin. So nice to be able to do the spatialization right from inside Live and not have to go though something like Reaper.

There is a nice big writeup on CDM as well:

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Hey gang - bumping this from ages ago – wondering if anyone is using e4l these days?

I’ve been having a total blast with it, though just noticed the record function seems to output the ambisonics files in slightly mismatched orders – has anyone been also having that issue?

Fingers crossed some folks might be able to point me in the right direction, and curious to hear some success stories, too- thx a bundle!



Thanks for (re-)bringing this to our attention, this seems definitely worth checking out.

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absolutely! feels like it’s come a long ways since the earlier iterations – kind of a bummer trying to sort out whats going on with the record export, but otherwise been super impressed

Love E4L! I’d been doing hacky ambisonics in Live and was so glad to see something more polished coming out.

Haven’t used it for a while but I’ve been thinking about combining spatialise sounds (ambisonic field recordings maybe?) with modular improv as a kind of hybrid ambisonic / quad setup.

Biggest challenge is always finding somewhere to perform surround sound material. Where are people performing or else sharing in surround online?

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Indeed… I guess there is always binaural encoding. But makes me wonder if 360 video has some potential for sharing sound works though.

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ha ya! feels like that’s always the big question (IE, this is amazing, but where at/whos it for) –

I’ve been playing around a lot with Mozilla Hubs/A-frame a lot, and this ambisonic audio component seems pretty exciting – kind of into the idea of simple ‘virtual listening rooms’ for letting folks move around inside a composition/easy way to present surround works

A-Frame Ambisonic Audio Component (datavized.github.io)


Thanks for reviving this! I have a budding fascination with spatial audio and this will be cool!

Has anyone tried using e4l with Live 11? I see in the documentation it supports “Live 10+” and the link takes you to Ableton’s Live 11 page, so I’m guessing it does? I just upgraded last week so am curious. Thanks!


ya! I’ve been so spoiled by ableton that its a godsend bringing things like m4l modulation, quick editing/API mapping/etc etc into the ambisonic workflow –

I was doing a bit with routing sound out of Live into Reaper/IEM plugins and controlling via OSC, but this is feeling much more elegant tbh


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If it is channels in an unexpected order it could be just using a different standard - b format, FUMA etc. Most of the plugin collections have specific converters eg:


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thx! it was the strangest thing - went suuuuper deep with it the other night/picked thru the sub-patches/did a bit or correspondence with the e4l folks and finally got it sorted.

strangest thing though, it wasnt a b-format/AmbiX thing – the channels were mismatched for both protocols (elevation showing up on the first channel instead of third in first order, etc)

Ended up doing a fresh install, restored my Dante/driver preferences, and somehow managed to shake the ghosts out, though for the life of me I’m not sure how it fixed it/what changed, ha.

In any case, working well now, and so, so psyched on it!

Sometimes that’s the way!

I’ve not devled into the E4L plugins tbh. Do they have a different feel or sound to them compared to other Ambisonic options? I guess I mean plugin sets…