* ep - andrew cs

sometimes time stops
well it doesn’t stop but it stays here in pointers
here in my heart or mind or
solid state drive or running past fingers
this is music about the daytime
but actually for listening at nighttime
by yourself time but maybe someone else is there this time
listening to time leak through tingling textures
time i kept locked in electric bottles strung to linked lists
time i remembered & time i can’t ever forget but already did
time going forward and time going backwards and time always ending
but remember that time the wind played melodies in dragonflies ???
or the blurred green windows in trains
that brought me back to what i always forget the most
this time it’s all for you and this time
i’ll delete the files so i can’t look back and wonder how i got here again

‘*’ is up for preorder today thru the incredible @LEAVING_RECORDS

following from transition spaces - - this collection catalogs moments from my personal digital archive : sounds, images, motions & gestures, three dimensional forms from moments committed to bytes for fear of forgetting. since i stumbled into a field recorder as a 15th birthday gift I knew that the sounds entering in had a special purpose for future me - - it’s a cause that led me to crack open Ableton Live Lite years so with 0 understanding of music and the thing i’m still here trying to figure out as i’m typing.

this idea came into full-focus two summers ago when i visited my hometown alone for the very last time. it was the turning point from these documents existing alongside some form of reality to becoming that reality _ what i recorded from that trip would form the final piece of my perception of that place from then on. an entire history collapsed to megabytes & fading neurons

for me these songs are more than just a public record - - a form of time travel, a communication from younger me , time-stretched, bent, and recontextualized in my current space, for my current self. a single pointer rushing past former time, recording present gestures, spitting out new textures & worlds, ,

around this time i was aimlessly reading the source code for softcut. it’s still 30 times above my understanding but seeing glimpses of how the digital gears turn to write the past to the future nurtured a lower level understanding of this practice. time started to have this materiality that i never fully grasped before. i could bend time under finger, manipulate time as a gesture, , these all contributed back to the techniques used in the music. continuous improvisation with the shifting present, in reflection of a distant past.

the EP is a glimpse of a full-length album & visual exhibition to be announced later this year where these ideas will come to full fruition (oh, & an episode of sound & process with @dan_derks, if i can SPILL THE BEANS on that). I’ll share more in this same thread, when it’s ready!

oh, and there’s a lil video for the single out today : )

thanks to @ zebra for sharing softcut, @ tehn for the grid, @ matthewdavid or mastering/releasing/inspiring, & thanks to so so much inspiration 'round these parts

@ dan_derks
@ zanderraymond
@ glia
@ stripes
@ jwm
@ Jonny
@ tehn
@ shellfritsch

(p sure nona this would’ve happened w/o lines)

in typical fashion, I’ll pop back in to share some details on the process behind each track & visual once ya’ll have had some time to listen : )


And, just like that, it feels like spring… Thank you so much for this; can’t wait for the full album!!


so ready for another album to listen to in the mornings or way too late at night


i vote this one : ) : )


This sounds amazing :open_mouth:

Pre-ordered my copy earlier today. Can’t wait.

@andrew, thank you so much for this work.

It was 2017 when I listened to Jonáš Gruska for the first time and fell in love with the very natural, organic and flowing aspects of his sound. Never another ambient piece was able to float me back to that place between reality and dream, until “felt park ripples”.


this looks like an amazing album, not sure how i missed it thank you for sharing !


transition spaces was one of my favorite albums from last year, can’t wait to hear more! your music is always melodically and texturally pleasing, and complex in a sort of effortless expression (*sorry for the crappy wording, I’m sure @dan_derks will articulate this better in sound & process :blush:). i really feel like i listen to moments with you (as opposed to tracks). there’s an all-round artistic palette here that resonates deeply with me


the full ep is out today :confetti_ball: :banana: :tada: :balloon: :yellow_circle: !! hope you all enjoy it + more on the way later this year :~)

tapes are still available too ! yellow fun ascii design by me

there’s also video for the track ‘fallen log bridge island’


I’ll pop back in to share some process details once my brain is less full & wobbly : )


really excited to hear the whole thing. that first tease was wonderful. congrats on the release.

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super lovely words Hans, that means a lot !!

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Just got me a lovely little cassette. Can’t wait. Super congrats on the release :blue_heart:

so proud of this moment andrew!

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thanks again jon ! been trading sounds with matthew for almost 3 years now, it’s certainly felt like a long time coming. SO much practice & fine tuning my sound to get to the point of finding something that felt like me & was worthy of sharing with the community. super happy with this release & the next full-length


seconded – it’s been remarkable to watch your investigations of sound + your experiences flourish into such a rich practice. so very much looking forward to adding the tape to my andrew cs art collection!!!

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it means a lot @dan_derks :pleading_face:

promised process deets !

birds 1
… it’s birds . . in northern minnesota possibly ? apparently I was too lazy to name it something other than the file name - for some reason it fits here !

dead leaves / morgan brown
even though I rely on improvisation with everything i do, my finalized pieces usually involve trimming down the original recording to the best piece or pieces and doing some heavy editing on those bits - but occasionally there are exceptions. this time I just hit play on a field recording of a really specific memory from years ago & everything just flowed. I was using my two grids & ableton/prosody setup that was pretty much my go-to at this particular time - one grid sending syncechdoche64 keyboarding into operator, the other running anachronism’s 8 inter-routed softcut loops (++ dirge in between for cruchies). lot’s of stuff midi-mapped as well !

after-edits I think were just a bit more delay & a lot more layers of that same field recording all playing at different speeds & directions. compression & side-chaining with the field recording too, that’s definitely part of my secret sauce : )

fallen log bridge island
this one is kind of funny - it was “supposed” to be my first experiment with reel-to-reel looping (recording one loop at a time and dubbing back into ableton to layer), but the end result was sounding kinda meh until I started mindlessly skipping around on the little playbar thing in arrangement view with my mouse. this is just that, recorded from the master : )

the track had sounds from an “island” along a riverbank that I grew up with in my life and for whatever reason it felt like this recording captured the essence of that place really well. I had a really specific idea for a film to go with this one & I ended up serendipitously finding the type of camera I wanted in a thrift store & having an opportunity to return to the island one last time to film it.

fuzebox photograph
I’m fascinated by moments when something kind of rare or improbable happens while recording - this is one of them. a “photograph” of the fuze blowing in my former home during a storm, before the power went out. recorded straight to cassette. a several milliseconds long event - trying to focus in on that extreme temporariness that feels strange for sound but is perfectly normalized for visual media.

powers out
so this one is meant to be a “zoomed in” view of the the fuzebox moment. the base of it is the same recording pitched down & all the other sounds are pieced together layered loops from a piano + anachronism session. the glitchy “percussion” on this one is what happens when you set ableton & softcut to conflicting same rates : ) it was definitely one of those “this is going horribly wrong but I’m having fun!” type of recordings and after edits are really the only thing making it work. hospital_food, dirge, and assonance are doing a lot of the magic - really an incredible trio for modulated textures. multiple instances of all of those are spread across the best bits of the improv session, layered up and fading in & out across the track.

still water
I think this is another one from minnesota - a friendly dragonfly paying a visit to my canoe : )

felt park ripples
this is pretty much the same toolset & process as powers out, but swap instantaneous electric events for the interplay of light & the murky surface of water on the humbolt park lagoon in chicago (as seen in video). there are some moments in the EP + future album collection of songs where I’m working to kind of mimic the sounds in the field recording in the electronics & the mix & I think that’s happening nicely here !

I threw together the video pretty quickly after I found out this was going to be the single but I’m actually pretty happy with it ! it’s the first official appearance of my “wrms” which you’ll definitely be seeing more of if you like looking at my stuffs ; ) wrms are kind of an ongoing experiment with 3D scans of some of my favorite objects from my home spiraling out into my imaginary approximation of 4D structures. it’s a small attempt to acknowledge the higher dimensional existence of objects & places in my life despite a highly limited ability to visualize it !!

the wrms started off as static images & 3d prints but I really wanted to see them animated which led me down quite a techincal wormhole. I ended up settling on three.js as my 3d tool & hacked a way to render from the browser. I even caught a live wrm & stuck it over here

train ride time travel
a highly warped field recording via ekphras - abruptly ending an intentionally short EP & maybe a tiny bit of a nod & preview to the sort of time travel experiences which shall occupy the full length album !


Thank you for sharing this. Truly unique work. Love how you’re bringing it all together.

my fav part of the tape

familiar methods
love this result

completely takeen by this idea and might have to explore it myself…what scares me about certain media and approaches to art is the scale

field recording tends to feel daunting to me bc i don’t think i’d like making longform pieces w/o editing

something like this could really make things intriguing for me

Beautiful sounds!
Played a fair chunk of it on my radio show last night. Archived here: Resonance Extra.
@andrew @dan_derks