Episode two of DERIVE Soundscapes Radio up on Bandcamp

hey lines community, the second episode of my monthly radio show has just gone live on Bandcamp and I wanted to share it to get a little bit of feedback if anyone is keen to take a listen.

This episode taught me to slow down my music making process somewhat by giving the sounds a bit of time to breathe and develop on their own. I’ve always been a bit too overly concerned with keeping the audience’s attention and sometimes that has meant I didn’t develop loops or phrases that I could have perhaps given more time to. My hope is that I’ve succeeded and haven’t made it too monotonous!

Perhaps it’s the perfect soundtrack for late night working sessions or for some thought and reflection.

It was made almost entirely with the OP-1 and Ableton Live. No hardware modular yet but that’s in the not too distant future :slight_smile:

Inspired by the work of György Ligeti, Arvo Pärt, Akira Yamaoka et al; all the noisy ones!

The artwork is from an exhibition I had this past December where I teamed up with a couple of collaborators here in Tokyo to create an interactive version of Tokyo, using Unity & photogrammetry techniques, that viewers could move around in freely. That’s another project but I’d be happy to expand if anyone were interested. Photo credit: Ruben Frosali.

Thank you for your time and listens.


Hello, me and my son are listening to track one right now. He said “It sounds like space, even though there’s no sound in space.” We love this track!!

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