ER-301 Sound Computer

just saw this:

the sampler, looper, varispeed & multitrack recording look pretty rad. i think this will fit in very nicely with the monome ecosystem… when’s grid support coming? :slight_smile:


that thing looks nuts.
and you’re right, integration with ansible, tt, etc. should be pretty amazing.
that price, though…
if i remember correctly it will be upwards of 800,- usd.

Yeah. This is some next level mojo. Momma Mia!

It’s a lot of menus to navigate with a single encoder and a zillion buttons but I am quite interested

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I didn’t really have this in my radar but I kept thinking of my new arc4 and the sound computer :slight_smile:
So does this have i2c or are guys Thi King of the straight cv action (I don’t have TT - it scares me)

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Will the software be open source?

Is it running on bare metal, or is it running on Linux?

Heh, just got an email as I was typing this, the website is up:

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thanks for the heads up.
looking hard at my funds now.

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Ordered. Couldn’t resist.


I love that screen and the panel layout but without any space in my rack it’s pretty easy to talk myself out of this one.

Will be curious how other people use the sampling features…really, i’d like to see a head-to-head comparison w/ ADDAC 111

same. selling a couple of modules to make space for this and recoup some funds.

This might be the more affordable competition to watch out for:


Nice! Did someone actually try it at MiM?

yep, same. somehow the “pioneer edition” thing is strangely attractive.

i assume the more affordable is an Audio Damage based on those knobs. I am willing to give that a go too. I like the idea of seeing the waveform quite a bit. I took the leap and got this
and i think seeing what was being modified and sampled would help a great deal

i read this “The ER-301 hardware is mature (revision 7), but the software is not stable yet. Some might call this the “pioneer edition” [sic]. There is still a lot of work to do and there will be bugs (hopefully minor ones) for the next few months. Therefore, if you are thinking about purchasing the ER-301 but do not have the patience for an occasional bug and some half-implemented features then I would suggest waiting about 3-4 months before purchasing” too. and at 875$ i am willing to wait until some bugs are tidied up :slight_smile:

The AD one? Yep. Per the thread on Muffs, Chris was very consistently telling people that it’s purely a prototype, and that he’d be looking for user input from MiM as well as the forum as he continues to develop it.

That being said, if we’re comparing the AD vs the 301, I’m personally going to side with the AD all day. For my workflow, and what I want out of eurorack, a module with that many menus - and indeed a complete system for routing signals and FX chains inside of the software - is incredibly intricate and no small feat of engineering, but not my modular preference. I’d rather use the 301 as a standalone box (hello, Octatrack) and use it outside of / connected to a modular system.

Whereas - the AD module can never be more than one menu deep, has knob-per-function (at least as it exists right now), and a minimal, simple readout for fewer, more specific use cases. With the 301 you really are buying a sound computer; with the AD you really are buying a well-appointed, eurorack-specific sample player. Which you go for is a matter of preference/taste!

Thanks, I had some similar thoughts about the 301 - while it surly is a great device I already have a sound computer and it’s capable of email, text writing and occasional movie playing too. But complexity is the new immediacy.

I will have a look at it at muffwiggler. At the moment I have the Reflex Live Loop too and it’s the utmost complexity I can bear.


i found the reflex demos extremely confusing and therefore didn’t buy although it’s obviously a capable module. the 301 is, at least for the way my brain works, an entirely different and more approachable thing. it seems very logically structured, and the 2 displays obviously help that a lot as well.

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I am looking forward to the ER-301.
Hands-on experience is the only way for me to verify how this might integrate in my cases, and definitely curious to see what craziness i can cnjure up between this and the arc!


Very interesting.

I was looking at this, and then I found out about the forthcoming Rossum Assimil8or.

Given that the Emu 6400 series was my life for years, I’d have to imagine that the Rossum would somehow ingratiate itself with me more than the ER-301. But who knows?

No way to compare yet.

Still, glad to see this out.