ER-301 Sound Computer


Further down the road O|D has talked about a CPU upgrade though that’s likely a ways off. Keep in mind that the firmware is still in development and documentation is just now starting to accumulate.


Knowing Brian, the firmware will likely always be in development. I see this as a huge plus, personally! Every release is like christmas. I get new modules in my rack for free. It’s amazing.


i have never had a CPU issue either.


So, I guess this one isn’t happening…


Why? What happened (in 20 characters)?


Why? I’m not aware of any definitive statement from Audio Damage that they were giving up on Eurorack, only that they were shifting focus back to software this year.


Ah, I took it to mean they were out of the game


That may yet prove to be the case; I just haven’t seen anything to confirm that.


I’m thinking about building a small (3U126HP) rack around a 301 and it’s tricky to balance what it does and what you’d really rather an external module do.

Here’s one take on a solution (and I beg forgiveness if this is perceived as a ‘rate my rack’ request, which it is not):


The Morphagene may be a bit redundant, but on the other hand, I’m sure it has its own unique character. Looks like you’ve got a lot of control rate modules in there, and that’s exactly what you want!


The alternative to Morphagene is the new Intellijel Tetrapad, both are 20HP but the latter is more of a performance surface that could drive the 301, whereas the Morphagene is a creature unto itself. When you restrict space you make choices and all of them are hard.


An alternative to the Tetrapad is the soundmachines LS1, which is a single touch slider in 4HP. Advantage over Tetrapad (aside from size) is the recording ability. You can record your gestures and play them back. In 16HP they also have the LP1, which is an XYZ controller (not sure how the Z works). People seem to love these modules!

More about control rate modules here:

Personally, I’m using monome modules with the grid and arc.


post office says er301 “dev unit” headed this way


Pressure, not spatial.


Hello :man_factory_worker: Some developments on Teletype/ER-301 integration, as well as a call for assistance:


I can’t really contain my excitement. :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Now I’m wondering what a small ER-301/Monome system would look like…


Mmm, like this? (the Teletype is still stuck in customs but the rest is here)


Here’s my take:


Heh, how small? I was trying to shove things into 6U/104 for a while but kept swapping out sequencing modules and effects. Couldn’t quite settle on what I wanted in that size. Finally caved, bought a 3U skiff, and moved all the sequencing and monome goodies into it. Exceedingly happy with the results…