ER-301 Sound Computer


This is amazing news !!!


Daaaamn son I like your thinking.


Just posted over at the odevices forum. I’d be happy to do the mod and code up the ops. :slight_smile:


this in my cell48 + grid would be incredibly powerful and a ton of fun. the telexes are to only reason holding me back. might need to do it for some time because I love the idea.


You better carve something out of that to make room for a Teletype!




I for one would be very curious to see what you could accomplish with just these two modules. But if it were me I’d still make room for an Earthsea and an Ansible :wink:


So amazingly exciting this is!




But then we still have the “New Thing” on the horizon. Hmmmm I wonder how the New Thing will play with i2C, maybe @tehn and @Galapagoose are feeling in a giving mood and can drop a hint?


Me too. The motivation is to fully focus on just grid ops + er301.



I literally thought “I’d sleep on it” before ordering only to find out that orders are closed until March… If anyone has ordered with second thoughts or is selling, please let me know…


I’m going to wait until the new motherboards are out and the connectivity with Teletype issue is resolved - I’m not much of a whiz with a solder iron and would rather not try to learn.


For those wanting to play along, a new ALPHA of the Teletype integration was just verified and posted.

We now have feature parity between the TT and the capabilities of the ER-301 integration (100 TR and 100 CV ports per ER-301 address). Fun times…


Digging up an old post that mentioned oscilloscopes. :slight_smile: Can you get voltage readings, oscilloscope plots, etc from an external source with the ER-301? That would never be its primary use in my rack, but it would be nice to have something that did those types of things for tuning/calibration when necessary, rather than having a dedicated module like the Mordax Data or O’Tool.


I’ve held off buying anything like Data or O’Tool since there is supposedly a ‘scope’ mode coming. Brian, the ER-301 creator, has also confirmed at some point that there will be a tuning function. He’s been quiet on the O|D forums, but said there will be a new firmware out soon.



Pedal looper unit :heart_eyes:


I’m confused. Where is this scope mode being discussed and how is it different from what’s already there? And hasn’t the desire for a pedal looper been a long-time sticking point? It seems it’s been hard to get Brian to agree with the community about how a pedal looper would work?

Are we just throwing out ideas for possible uses of the Middle Layer SDK?