ER-301 Sound Computer


Thanks a lot. Super useful. I guess there is no reason not to jump in with the one that’s available now. Although it has the nostalgia panel which I’m not so sure about…


I have recently picked up an ER-301 and I am enjoying using it. I love the interface and it works really well as a mixer for me (specifically cv over pan, solo/muting as I put together a patch, and the ability to put a limiter on mixer chains and “push” certain sounds is very nice).

I’m having trouble figuring out how to dive deeper with it and incorporating that in my process. I’ve explored a lot of the tutorial videos, played around with the sampling features, and feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable using it. Any specific things ER-301 users here have done that have helped you really start to go further with your use of the module?

I had a similar experience with the Teletype at first (really enjoyed it from the beggining, but it took me not using other sequencing options I had at hand for a while to make it natural to reach for creatively).


For me, separating the creation of custom units from the actual music-making process helps me dig deeper.

When I’m trying to come up with something that sounds nice, I don’t always want to interrupt that to tap into my left brain for constructing an intricate chain.

Beyond that simple point, imagining a unit and then setting out to create it has helped me very much. For instance, I started wondering about creating a DPO-type digital complex oscillator. It took quite some planning and even a bit of drawing paper, but I got it done :slight_smile: It helped me learn a great deal. Another project was just spamming 6 delays in series, assigning one knob to control delay times with different gains (to the knob), and then going to town with that chain.

I think making and saving custom units, for bread-and-butter things especially, helps you get the most of it. Don’t always want to build everything from the ground up, it’s much nicer to get a looper with your preferred settings and sub-units (e.g. sample and hold signal in start point selection) at hand.


Yeah the custom unit side of things (even using) is something I haven’t explored at all yet. That seems like a good next step.

Your digital complex oscillator sounds cool! Do you have it shared somewhere by chance?


Well yeah, there’s a thread over on the O|D forum:

However, there are much nicer custom units in there :sweat_smile: I kind of abandoned this!

Off the top of my head, my faves are –
Troika, “3 note chance chord synth”

Evil Twin, “Dual Oscillator FM/PM/AM Synth”

Trash Tape, “Realtime Crappy Cassette effect”


Just a heads up. A rare window of opportunity appears and a few of these are available for purchase. EDIT: All sold.


I’m excited!

Correction these guys will required i2c solder modification!!!

Incorrect first comment:
Based on the waitlist email he just sent it looks like it’s already enabled for i2c (no soldering required).

If anyone needs a guide for soldering:


I think thats incorrect. The 33 available right now dont have the mod. The next batch in a few weeks will be pre-modded. At least thats what Brians latest post on the OD forum says.


My mistake I better send Brian a note. Thanks for that!!


Sold out again but back in a few weeks with mods