ER-301 Sound Computer


I have recently picked up an ER-301 and I am enjoying using it. I love the interface and it works really well as a mixer for me (specifically cv over pan, solo/muting as I put together a patch, and the ability to put a limiter on mixer chains and “push” certain sounds is very nice).

I’m having trouble figuring out how to dive deeper with it and incorporating that in my process. I’ve explored a lot of the tutorial videos, played around with the sampling features, and feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable using it. Any specific things ER-301 users here have done that have helped you really start to go further with your use of the module?

I had a similar experience with the Teletype at first (really enjoyed it from the beggining, but it took me not using other sequencing options I had at hand for a while to make it natural to reach for creatively).


For me, separating the creation of custom units from the actual music-making process helps me dig deeper.

When I’m trying to come up with something that sounds nice, I don’t always want to interrupt that to tap into my left brain for constructing an intricate chain.

Beyond that simple point, imagining a unit and then setting out to create it has helped me very much. For instance, I started wondering about creating a DPO-type digital complex oscillator. It took quite some planning and even a bit of drawing paper, but I got it done :slight_smile: It helped me learn a great deal. Another project was just spamming 6 delays in series, assigning one knob to control delay times with different gains (to the knob), and then going to town with that chain.

I think making and saving custom units, for bread-and-butter things especially, helps you get the most of it. Don’t always want to build everything from the ground up, it’s much nicer to get a looper with your preferred settings and sub-units (e.g. sample and hold signal in start point selection) at hand.


Yeah the custom unit side of things (even using) is something I haven’t explored at all yet. That seems like a good next step.

Your digital complex oscillator sounds cool! Do you have it shared somewhere by chance?


Well yeah, there’s a thread over on the O|D forum:

However, there are much nicer custom units in there :sweat_smile: I kind of abandoned this!

Off the top of my head, my faves are –
Troika, “3 note chance chord synth”

Evil Twin, “Dual Oscillator FM/PM/AM Synth”

Trash Tape, “Realtime Crappy Cassette effect”


Just a heads up. A rare window of opportunity appears and a few of these are available for purchase. EDIT: All sold.


I’m excited!

Correction these guys will required i2c solder modification!!!

Incorrect first comment:
Based on the waitlist email he just sent it looks like it’s already enabled for i2c (no soldering required).

If anyone needs a guide for soldering:


I think thats incorrect. The 33 available right now dont have the mod. The next batch in a few weeks will be pre-modded. At least thats what Brians latest post on the OD forum says.


My mistake I better send Brian a note. Thanks for that!!


Sold out again but back in a few weeks with mods


Here’s a collection of 15 self generating custom units I made for #er301 users - 100% internally generated / cv / sequenced / no samples - free download from the er301 forum #autogen301 #eurorack #modular #modularsynth



this work by @mlogger feels like a generative album that you can play and interact with. of course you can use units to generate sounds to incorporate in your works, but you can also sit down and let it all flow, sometimes moving a little bit one parameter, and enjoy the free flow of awesomeness.
a work of art.


Just placed an order after hesitating for the better part of a year :slight_smile: I’m extremely excited about the possibilities, but they’ve kind of complicated my case plans. Here’s what I’ll have once the ER-301 shows up (saving 2hp for Crows as well):

Based on that system, any strong opinions on how to fill the remaining hp? Vanilla envelopes? A quad VCA? Planar 2? The most sensible option is probably to wait for the ER-301 and make an informed decision after using it, but I’d be remiss not to ask some power users around here for their two cents!


I’ve got a very similar system and it has 10 more VCAs and 4 more LPGs. So that’d be my answer. I suppose if you’re going to do all audio mixing inside the ER-301, you’ll need fewer of these (I mainly use the ER-301 as a sound source and effect unit), but I’d still really miss VCAs in this system, even if just for controlling control voltages.


I’d go with the Planar 2. Immediate control over several parameters of the 301.


Who uses this for creative backing tracks playing on live performances (playback+adding reverbs/granular/other effects)? Any restrictions of loop/samples length (like can I play 10min loops)? How much tracks in parallel can I play in one time?


It has four channels but within those four you can build chains with multiple sampler players (or whatever) so the number of parallel tracks of audio is all up to how much CPU you use up.


put in an fh-2 or fh-1 from expert sleepers, you’d need some sort of physical controls for the 301. with the fh-1 and a korg nanokontrol 2 i’m able to send 8 simultaneous controls to the 301. with an usb hub i can add also a midi usb keyboard and a mouse (used as joystick). the nice part is that you can use fh-1 channels for more than one thing at once (if i play on the keyboard on midi ch.1 it uses fh-1 out 1 for pitch and out 2 for gate but if i then use the first fader on the nanokontrol it temporarily “steals” the out 1 …i don’t know if i’m being comprehensible here but it is a very flexible design)


guys, what controller inside the case do you recommend? voltage block? tetrapad? couple of triatt? some ladik?
fh1/2 inspires me but already have lot of stuff outside the case (arc,grid,keyboard)


As someone who’s got an ER-301 on order, I’m wondering the same thing. Planning on having an ADDAC Manual Gates in the case, but something smoother or more gestural would be nice too. At the same time, I’m trying my dang best to stick within 7U, 84hp…


+1 for the ADDAC Manual Gates. I’m planning an Ears and a ES-8, plus Ansible and Crows (link).