ER-301 Sound Computer

There are two separate devices on the ER-301 that output the received i2c messages, one for gates and one for cv. Each instance of these devices can be set to output the messages received on one of 100 channels or outputs or however you want to call them. Since the devices are separate and there are 100 outputs for each, there’s technically no need to send both gates and cv values on the same channel/output - they’re not connected in any way.

However, it would probably be less confusing for your users if the two were transmitted on the same output, just so they can select the same output on both devices.

Thanks, that makes sense.

I’m prototyping some code to convert MIDI to I2C on the disting EX. If anyone’s interested you can track it (and probably get beta firmware) here:


Nice! Do you plan to enable Disting as a leader in an i2c network?


Apparently I can’t just answer ‘yes’ so I’m padding out my reply to exceed the required length, which seems like a waste of everybody’s time.


20 characters of why don’t you just tell us how you really feel? :upside_down_face:


Here’s a crosspost of an emulation of the nearness module. It’s very simple .pkg but could gets more interesting when modulating the panning.


It does look sick as hell, makes it look like one complete module

Upcoming Nerdseq expander includes i2c. In the video, ER301 and Just Friends are mentioned as possible followers! Release this summer…


Thomas has done real magic with this update, and knowing his devotion to the platform there is a lot more to explore. What a great way of adding so much value (and now a flexible hands-on experience) to an already great sequencer.