ER-301 Sound Computer


My wallet is so relieved this is ~250mm deep.


My read of the specifications is that this is only 3cm deep from the back of the faceplate (ER-301 main page).


You’re right. Modulargrid says 250mm, which is absurd in retrospect.

Damn. I like my laptop, but voltage control…


It’s the end of the world spend your money.
And I feel fine.


Sadly the Modulargrid entry is “manufacturer approved” so I can’t edit it - but I did send a message to the manufacturer requesting a change. Cheers!


Revisiting aspects of this thread from a couple of weeks ago, I really am thinking about putting together a portable Pulp Logic style case with this…and the ADDAC FM radio receiver caught my attention this morning elsewhere online. Could be fun.

OD’s site still doesn’t have a succinct rundown of features, but I’m gathering that the 301 has a complete digital signal chain onboard, obviating external modulators, VCAs, etc.



Not me.

When Dreams come true... #er301 #orthogonaldevices #ansible #monome #eurorack

A video posted by Maxime Dangles (@maximedangles) on Nov 21, 2016 at 9:44am PST


Also i dreamt that Ansible with a MIDI drum pad (with the midi notes spread across the full range) would allow to trigger 8 slices like a MPC.


FWIW I got a lovely note from the OD people that the entry for the ER-301’s depth has been modified on Modulargrid.

I’d like to add something here: it’s the small, quiet, mostly invisible actions that really distinguish the professionals from the rest. It’s one of the things I admire most about the monome community - it walks the walk. Very inspiring.


Yes according to this post from Muffs, thought I’d still imagine that plenty of external modulation sources would make it really shine. Got serious gas for this, and coming around to the idea of picking up the 101/102.


Not mine…


This is doing nothing to temper my desire for a Voltage Memory.


Richard Devine


Ahh came here to post this from Richard… You beat me to it!


Brandon Logic


lrc lazer


Yeah, GAS has befallen me again. Doggoneit.


Serious gas. I need beano.


ER-301 + Monome Arc/Ansible from m~fischer on Vimeo.

Orthogonal Devices ER-301 slices being controlled by Arc via Cycles on Ansible. Audio source is one loop of Mutable Instruments Rings being played on a Monome 128 via Earthsea Recorded into a buffer on the ER-301 and played back on two sample player units


that’s really pretty! it has a lovely, jumbled, mlr-like collision of textures. if i had space in my isms, i would definitely pick up an er301; finally, a decent way of working with audio in eurorack.