ER-301 Sound Computer


Yeah. Similar to the circuit abbey AXIS. That one has a 3 band EQ


My other idea is to simply get a small Mackie mixer with good microphone amps :wink: and both USB and line outs.


If you have insert points on your mixer you can use them to get unbalanced line outs from the preamp to feed into the modular (you’ll still need a boost, but line to modular is much easier than mic to modular level).


koma field kit covers pretty much everything i’d want to add to ER in a small set up, a 4 channel mixer with some tone control, modulation, radio/mic/contact mic/electromagnetic pickup for sampling. add triolgy / ansible / teletype / just friends and you’ve got a pretty incredible setup for sound experimentation.


This was my thinking too.

Just add batteries.

I will toss them in my Jeep and go park myself in remote corners and make strange transmissions.

Going back to an earlier thread about radio, maybe even transmit over VHF/UHF. Mobile musiqe concrete radio receive and transmission weirdness.

Wait: don’t even need batteries. The Jeep has 110v AC.


You just described my plan exactly. :slight_smile:


By far, always the easiest and most affordable option. After all, it’s what we all used to do before the avent of the not so old Eurorack paradigm. :wink:


Jumping back in to this idea, I was just researching hp/power specs on Pulp Logic cases, and their largest portable lunchbox is 54hp. An ER-301 plus Teletype would only leave 6hp of space.

Assuming we try to cram an ER-301 based system in to 54hp, what would potential users consider the optimal combination of modules? A JF would rule out a Teletype. A Teletype would rule out a JF. Ansible and JF? Something else?

Wut do?


A bigger case?

Certainly larger than 20 characters, in any event.


Well, yeah.

But for how I’m most interested in the 301, the PL case is ideal: very portable, strong, secure, reasonably shock/weather resistant, easily battery powered, etc. It would be something I cart around to remote places, off road, in the desert, etc. And even though I wouldn’t of course operate it while sitting in the open in a deluge, the way we travel and camp and so forth, a Pelican style case would almost be mandatory.


Right. That all makes perfect sense. But, in a larger size? Is there really no such thing? Do we need to make a Kickstarter for this?


i love my PL case for it’s hardiness, but i wouldn’t put too much confidence in it’s weather & dust protection. there are multiple holes in the case: headphone, l & r outs, ground & power. if you’re wanting something truly rugged i’d put a minimal case inside a pelican.


If you’re looking for something rugged and perhaps a wee bit bigger, might I direct your attention to the Trogtronic Collier Case? At 6U84HP it’s 168HP of goodness, power included. It’s got my eyes watering as a platform for a 301, a mixer, my Mannequins and Monome stuff.

Here’s what I’d put in it:


one thing that i am really into about this module that i did not anticipate is using it as a 2 track recorder. eliminating the need to have a computer/interface. i have had it running as a sampler/looper etc. doing some pretty intricate stuff while recording 2 tracks of my entire mix in the background. really cool.


Right. I wouldn’t have. When actually using it, conditions would be good (enough). It’s just the shuttling around, in and out of the Jeep, camp, etc. It can get pretty dusty inside despite best efforts.


Veeeeery interesting.

I overlooked those Trogotronic cases. Hell of a good price, and yes, more properly weather-resistant than the Pulp Logic.

The big problem with THIS one is the AC cord out. No easy/quick way to sub in DC battery power. Yes, I could mod it, but who’s got time for that?

That system you’ve spec’d for it is wicked!


new thread:


So, wait, just to clarify: two channels doing expected chopped, processed looping, filtering, et al, while simultaneously recording two uninterrupted tracks on physical inputs of lengthy (i.e., minutes long) duration?

THAT is profoundly interesting.

Further: could you, if you wanted to, use the device as purely a four track recorder in a pinch? At full resolution? No compromises in signal quality?

This could get massive.


Just realized I left out a dedicated VCA…sigh.


it has an assignable internal SIX track recorder that can keep running in the background while you do all the craziness on the four main channels