ER-301 Sound Computer


Oh, right. I totally forgot. Duh.

Right, but as I said, for this purpose, I don’t want to use the Arc or Grid. Something with four pads or buttons or keys or something like that, that can function as manual triggers, and better if it has adjustable voltage.

[quote=“marcus_fischer, post:161, topic:5171, full:true”]Also Offy from Circuit Abbey gives you four offsets in 4hp. something like the intellijel planar would be really expressive.

Pretty cool little module!


it’s hard to find small modules that work well as controllers. the reason monome modules work great for a small set up is because the actual controller is external. but yeah i probably wouldn’t take grid/arc on a field trip.

take a look at soundmachines lightstrip, it’s only 4hp:

if you’re planning to use pulplogic lunch box as your case i would definitely include several FSR tiles as you could use them both to trigger samples and to control parameters:


Is there a way to make a chain that will play different samples depending on CV input, but using a single out? Or do I have to use slices for that?

I’m imagining an out for “drums”, leaving three outs for other purposes.


Use slices and chop on a single channel. Or add multiple mixers with sample players that respond to different triggers.


Thanks. That was my hunch. Seems like the first approach is more conservative of jack usage, while the second approach can be a little more ad-hoc/less-prep.


Yeah. But once you set up and save some “presets” you can go where ever your heart pulls you.


The new Intellijel Tetrapad might be worth looking at. Looks like a 4x LS1.


For the moment it doesn’t offer playback like the LS1, but the manufacturer has given signals that an expansion sequencer is on the way that may offer support in that area. Regardless it seems a very compact, highly-functional bit of kit the I think would complement the ER-301 Quite Nicely.


Curious to share patch notes.

The channel strips setups I’ve already tried:

  • bouncing around from slice to slice in a sliced sample
  • selecting from each of multiple samples located in one mixer each
  • single cycle waveforms with adsr and vca to make a DCO voice

Some things I haven’t tried yet:

What else should I try?


Definitely possible. Tuning is an issue.


What do I need to make Karplus-Strong work?


not an er-301 user, but here’s an explanation of the signal chain that may help:


Aww, thanks! Patchení is the best. Should have thought of that.


Yeah it’s quite easy to patch.
All you need is 1 noise source (white or pink), 1 ADSR, 1 VCA and 1 Variable Delay.
With the period-o-meter you even can make it track the frequency of incoming audio…


I haven’t used the period-o-meter yet. Can’t say I understand what it does.


It’s a frequency (well…period) to CV converter. It takes the two last zero-crossing points and measures their distance. With a periodic signal (an oscillator per say), it generates a cv which is proportional to the incoming period.
At the risk of saying something mathematically wrong, i think we’d need a logarithmic operator to be able to feed this cv to another oscillator.


If anyone wants to sell theirs, let me know :slight_smile:


Website says orders re-open in two days (best estimate).


Man I love her videos - mainly because I can identify with playing synths while having a baby strapped to my chest.


Orders open again folks.