Erbe-Verb noise floor

Anyone willing to post some audio from an unpatched Erbe-Verb? Not sure how clean or noisey I should expect the signal to be. Nothing patched to the input but monitoring the mono output with full wet, there’s some high freq hum. I can spectogram record audio of my own sometime tomorrow, but thought I’d ask you all in the meantime.

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Excluding things like wavefolders, the noisiest things in my rack, by far:

  1. ADDAC EHX Organ Machine
  2. Erbe Verbe
    Then, by some margin but still more than the rest:
  3. Morphagene

Also three things I’ll probably never part with :stuck_out_tongue:. I don’t know what it is with Make Noise’s digital module designs. I don’t have the acoustic whine issue some people have with the Morphagene.

off-topic, but I find the morphagene’s noise can be very much dealt with by giving it a hot signal. but still always far from silent… TBH, I find the auto-leveling the great shortcoming of that module.

The Erbe Verb might be subjet to picking up noise from the busboards/PSU, which would explain why you can hear it with nothing patched.

This is always a possibility. I just changed power supplies to two Intellijel tps80w, and I’m very happy with the switch. Guess I’ll just have to live with a noisey erbe-verb or run it through some filtering.

Then it might be indeed that the Erbe Verbe is a noisy module. Anybody knows what IC it’s using at the core of the circuit?

I can’t post example right now but I also have a constant high frequency noise with my erbe-verb.

STM32F4 I think!

Lots of STM32F4s, associated programmers, etc on Tom Erbe’s instagram:,

It seems some of the courses he teaches are STM32 based also.