error garden


my goals for this album was to purposely leave behind my strongly-held ideas of compositional structure without entirely leaving behind my affinity for compositional structure. normally, I would tend towards common structures (e.g. ABABCA, or just AAAAAA sometimes) but for this album I opted to try to often change chord progressions within each song and avoid transitions back to a previous chord progression (e.g. ABCDEF). each song’s non-repetitive structure makes it a bit disorienting sometimes (to me anyways) - as if you could drop in at any part of the song and feel like its structured but not really know where you came from or where its going. I like that feeling. it reminds me a bit of a maze. inside a maze you can know that you are surrounded by a common structure (walls and floor) but its always a little unclear how you arrived from the beginning and how to will make it to the exit. with this in mind I decided the call the album “error garden” which is a literal translation of the German word for maze, der Irrgarten. taking inspiration from a maze is not intended to cause dread. the track names are all entitled “right” as a reminder that in every maze (that’s simply connected) you can essentially just make only right turns and you will find your way out. like a maze, I hope the album is enjoyable space to get lost.

like my previous album I want to make music that inspires running and movement. so in this album, almost all of the tempos are fast (~160’s) and a lot of the drums are samples of breakbeats. I like evocative chord progressions too (the basis of another album) and aligning the chord progressions with striking poetry and spoken word. some of those are also featured (listed on bandcamp).


I made this album between June 2021 and December 2021. I wrote the entire album on a Teenage Engineering OP-Z which I liked for its keyboard input, its multi-track sequencer and its portability. the entire album is actually loadable on the device: all the data is available on my Github. the OP-Z portability was key as I was able to compose parts in liminal spaces - laundromats, airplanes, hotels, couches. the OP-Z “sound” wasn’t my jam so instead I used its sequences and multi-track recorded each instrument separately for each track. the sounds are mostly from an OP-1, SH-01A, Strega, and norns. multi-track recording was done with cobbled together norns scripts and then mixed in Ableton.

the artwork for this album is a painting I made of the Glendurgan Garden Maze. it is a 36"x36" acrylic on canvas, digitized into a 1200x1200 pixels. this art is for sale (the actual physical piece, not a NFT of the image).

the whole process of composition, recording, and mixing was enjoyable. the result has been my go-to music for weeks now. I re-mixed this album over a dozen times and re-listened to it each time while out running. despite listening to every song dozens of times, I still have joy re-listening.

bandcamp codes to redeem here nctc-yczm wjnq-bhy6 e9d9-wv2k g24k-w8s9 txe2-hrht te6d-vdqb t83c-6dgw hnhy-vgd9 jwen-6bxt 9h6l-kxmb z43h-6vyw nedp-g9b4 w648-3z4m czs3-czjg e2qw-xg93 8x84-jbk4 2cz4-ywzm dp2j-bxy6 jnkd-h8l3 6wyp-v2qs nhkg-gd6d lq3y-3h8h 48xz-hjbv cucz-vyd9 ewju-63xt gs9d-64mb th2s-kqyw 2ele-gzb4 d8sg-364m kq9l-jcjb kg24-kw8w nklj-gx34 lze8-bqdm 4t62-w9wg euyw-htl3 gwke-vbqs 3sy9-gc6d dquz-3x8h sgwk-hvbv s2st-j8d9 u4zs-yskm xe2e-blt6 q6lg-wm3k 9nsz-cgc9 zdqn-x34t yj8x-jwjb ygus-6s8w 3twp-y434 dzjg-bmdm syg3-wzwg khu4-6jtw uqwq-ykr4 x8h6-bkhm 4k42-c9qg qnpd-x863 9d9c-j2z4 3htc-ydkm wenq-bht6 e8d9-wj3k 8n4k-cyc9 twe2-hr4t xjut-34gh h9wy-hmrv h2hy-vtw9 qxen-6blt 9c6l-khvb zs3h-6vtw 3jdp-g9r4 wg48-39hm cts3-czqg pnqw-xt63 8w84-jbz4 xkq9-3jwm hz8u-ckdg j2zx-xyx3 9xyp-vrjs nckg-gd9d lp3y-3lgh c9xz-hjrv c3cz-vgw9 pxju-63lt 84gx-kxvb tc2s-kqtw 6u4y-cts9 klp3-x2ht kp9l-jcqb z624-kcgw

Thank you. Grabbed nctc-yczm


Just used:

Thanks, reading your write up has me very eager to listen.

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I love that is was all made with one instrument…that is the kind of workflow I like.

I used z624-kcgw

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Took this one. Eager to hear it!

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Used g24k-w8s9. Love this album. non-repeating progressions can convey a timelessness that I find really appealing. The concept of error maze makes me think about random search algorithms that can have surprising efficacy over constructed heuristic ones.

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Awesomeness…. Been looking forward to this one. I grabbed code qnpd-x863 for the record. Thank you!

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Used this one:


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Thanks for the code. Looking forward to give this a listen. I used this code: 3jdp-g9r4

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very kind of you to share
i’ll tell my friends to buy :metal:

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Thank you, I used c3cz-vgw9

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Listening to the wavs now, very nice.


Thank you.

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thank you, I used 6u4y-cts9…i think…:stuck_out_tongue:…looking forward to ellipticalling to this when my knee heals a litte more.

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Thanks for this. Look forward to listening later tonight :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic! I clicked on this thread’s title because it seemed oddly familiar to me and being German, I suppose it might indeed be due to the “Irrgarten” thing :laughing: Funny how these things go sometimes. I expected some dark, drony ambient stuff (which I like), but I was super-pleasantly surprised to hear your truly uplifting tunes instead.

I’m also a fan of making music “on the go” and I often judge/buy synths based on their travel-friendliness, so I feel I can relate to your process, which makes this even more enjoyable.

Anyway, thanks for this!

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Thank you for pnqw-xt63 !

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i feel it! also a bit like that feeling of getting lost at a huge party, and having fun finding your friends through the dance floor :smiley:
and thank you for code: xjut-34gh :hearts:


Thank you for this! In particular I’m looking forward to listening while running as you suggest - I feel like my music taste and my enjoyment of running are often at odds (i.e ambient + running = disappointing pace).

Thank you again!

I’ve used this code: t83c-6dgw

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Thanks a million. Loooking forward to giving it a proper listen tomorrow!

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thanks everyone for checking it out the erroneous garden path! :deciduous_tree: :house_with_garden:

yeah music-for-running might be one of my favorite genres @fourhoarder, @davidlovell! I do like ambient music for running too - it can bring you into a zone.

I would be curious, if anyone is inclined, to have any thoughts on what other genres/groups/albums sound like this album? I’ve found things that are pretty similar but my electronic musical knowledge is still pretty narrow. its a weird question, but I would love to know because I would love to listen to more of this kind of music and one of the reasons I make it is because I can’t seem to find this kind of thing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

travel-friendliness is wonderful (and somewhat nessecary) and a lot can be said for it. interestinly, the intros to song 4 and song 8 were composed on an actual piano and there is a difference to be heard there - having the full piano definitely changes the sound. but I’m still extremely happy with what kind of composition I can get with the gear nowadays that can easily be carried.

yess! I like that. I think my next album will be based around random search algorithms…