ES debugging (back to it)

I wasn’t actually using the TT during all this; it was just powered on and the II cable connected (at the beginning). All seemed well with the II cable disconnected but I just had it slow down and lockup again while I wasn’t watching.

thanks for the data point-- it may help find a more general problem i’ve been trying to track down with @laborcamp though unfortunately i’ve never been able to replicate any of these crashes. i’ll try this one.

Another data point (v1.7 firmware, ii disconnected)

  • power on
  • record pattern
  • enable loop and arp and hit a key
  • left running for ~1.5 hours while reading the source code :smile:, seems fine
  • with arp and loop still on
  • quickly hit a few keys on grid, seems okay (but only watching grid feedback)
  • noticed the CV outs were high (leds lit) which I didn’t remember doing
  • quickly hit a few shape memory patterns, CV leds + grid indicators change
  • turn CV knobs and notice grid indicators are getting increasingly sluggish
  • leave it for ~5 seconds after that and lockup

I just tried to repeat the above recipe and while I didn’t produce the slowdown I did manage to get it in a state where shape memory recall doesn’t seem to work… via lots of very very rapid presses on the grid while arp and loop are enabled. The presses were largely random but on adjacent keys so as to occasionally trigger shape recall.

thanks for the data point. i feel like i need to investigate the slew engine.

I had ES lock up 2x last night. Had to reset power on my modular both times. Configuration is trilogy with ii connection to TT.

Noticed that slew channel 2 was up all the way, while 1 and 3 were at zero when the locking happened.

were you using II via TT? what were the other conditions prior to lockup? were you using transpose mode? do you have the newest-newest firmware?

Just checking in to see if there is any progress on this issue. ES locked up on me again last night after “practicing” different note combinations on the grid. Using ES, WW, and switch (no TT).

how frequently have you witnessed this problem? how long were you using the module prior to lockup?

were you using the pattern recording? what features were you using? slewing CV at all?

I was using WW for about an hour or more straight, then I began incorporating ES (with CV shapes, slew, speed +/-, arpeggiator, loop). Everything was fine until I decided to switch to a new, blank pattern and play notes/press buttons randomly across the grid very rapidly (and without play, record, loop, or arp engaged). It was at this point (having just selected a new, blank pattern), that I did not have any CV, slew, etc. engaged either (completely fresh). The grid soon became unresponsive…and so the story goes (flipped back and forth on switch, waited a 1/2 hour, unplugged the USB cables). Nothing other than power cycling the system would work. Wondering if the issue is related to pattern recall now. Hmm…

edit: I can’t say how often this happens since I recently got my modular up and running again (we moved over the summer, and it was packed away). Basically this has been a problem every time I use ES since I bought it. Never had a problem with WW or the grid otherwise. Shame…

thanks for the information. e-mail and we’ll do a swap, in case it’s a manufacturing problem.

Thank you, tehn! Will be glad to hopefully unravel this mystery.

months on, many distractions, some false solutions, yet i’m pretty certain the issue lurks. it’s time to really figure this out. i’m now using a module that was previously exhibiting the problem, albeit on someone else’s modular. so i’m hoping to rule out hardware as and issue.

one thing that has been reported:

  • a power cycle fixes it, or doesn’t. sometimes a long power-down fixes it.
  • a firmware re-flash certainly fixes it immediately, but the issue may appear later.

can those that have had trouble comment on this?

i also found a couple minor bugs that would only be a problem with maximum-length patterns. here’s a newest debug firmware attached. (40.0 KB)


already downloaded the firmware, i’ll let you know how it works.

I’ve been using ES to simply transpose sequences from WW, so no slew of recorded patterns or TT connection (note to self, learn to solder!). Sometimes it works fine, sometime it’ll lock up without any interaction. I don’t have a reproducible test case. Power seems unlikely (4ms row power 30 in a single row case, so way below rated load). Power cycling always seems to solve the problem. And in case it’s relevant, ES is driving oscillators and envs in a different case.

I’ll happily grab the latest firmware and see if that helps. It would be really nice if there was a software issue that could be sorted.

i just ran this new firmware on previously-suspect hardware for 36 hours straight, with resets, power-cycles, and all features used. still have not seen the problem, which is very frustrating.

anyone have anything to report?

Running it today. I set up a loop and left it. When I came back (about 30mins later it had stopped. As I started typing this reply, it started to run again, but the timing was all over the place, & CV 2 was jumping about, though the grid was still responsive. Just now the grid has locked up again, though the loop is still playing. I’ll leave it a while longer, but it’s not looking good :frowning:

45mins later pattern still playing, grid still unresponsive. Disconnecting & reconnecting didn’t help. I’ve cycled the power and now all is working again.

just ran a looping pattern for ~ 45 mins with slewing shape memories. remained consistent and responsive the whole time. i’ll test it some more this evening.

anything particular about the loop? are there shapes in there? cv slew?