ES - Expander?


While using TT, I’ve become an enormous fan of the ES.RESET and ES.TRANS commands. IMHO they are so useful that they are in EVERY single TT scene I create, always.

I wish there was a little (2hp?) expander for ES that put these 3 commands with CV control:

ES.RESET reset pattern to start (and start playing)
ES.PATTERN set playing pattern
ES.TRANS set transposition

Also, not every ES owner will have TT and these commands are too much fun to be hiding inside ES untapped!!

I’d love to have two ES modules one day – so if the expander would be able to ribbon connect to more than 1 ES, that would be a sweet bonus.

/end dream.

I am just jealous that you are running TT and ES crash-free!!!

Yep, no slow downs or anything like i’ve heard described. …cross my fingers for now!
I’m sure it’ll all get sorted soon though!

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@polyoptics I was thinking the same thing, mostly to preserve case real estate for my travelling rig. Or, maybe even a TeleTypeLight, that forgoes the screen or something, that could just run “pre-compiled” scripts, perhaps loaded from a computer.

@ether yep, it would be perfect for a travel system. – playing in sync is SOOOO nice… I can’t go back now!

Regarding the shrunken TT – I would imagine this might go against the monome design ethos, but its definitely an interesting idea!

Still dreaming about this. Even in a 1u tile it would be so great.

No reset on ES is brutal sometimes, I have enough stuff going on in a patch to worry about and update, patching usb back to ES just to retime a sequence is not super fun.

Perhaps we can envision a more broad little utility that could expand all of the modules… a little 4hp thing?

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I know we like to keep things compact here, but… For me, the ideal scenario would be the ability to sync multiple ES modules with one as master and the others synced in some way. I thought maybe of dedicating one of the double gestures to sync duties… IF TT could interact with multiple ES modules, then a CV out could be used as a gate to trigger reset slave modules. An expander module with reset capabilities to enable something like this would work, too.

ES sync or SOME way of locking the sequences to external tempo had been my #1 desired feature for ES. TT provides that when you have them chained, but I still feel that there could be a simpler way to have that as part of ES functionality.
I know that the focus of ES is on the free-form performance, and that proper sequencing is the domain of WW and/or TT, but playing sequences in ES is soo much more intuitive than WW (which can be tedious in terms of developing tonal sequences). ES offers a much faster, more fluid ways of working with musical themes, and with that said, locking them to external tempos/triggers seems like a sorely missed functionality.

I feel the same way @laborcamp.

Though, I dont think tempo sync/reset goes againt the ES concept – I love ES for creating those unquantized irregular timings, I just want that irregular rythym to reset in time with the rest of my track.

laborcamp is right that free form performance is the key feature of ES, but an unquantized sequencer is very much needed and a powerfull tool. ES is able to fill that role when paired with reset.

What WW or MP commands would be added into a joint expander? Personally I still see an ES expander workng better as stand alone piece to minimze HP. Would def want to possibly reset more than one ES. Along with pattern and transpose.

I agree that IF expander, then I would suggest that it specifically focuses on ES and perhaps various ways of sync or clock functionality.

And to be clear @polyoptics I am not saying that all ES functionality should be clocked, but rather that it should have that OPTION available.

Yes, unclocked/nonrestting is very fun/usefull too!