Esc Code: Coast

I would like to share my lastest release with you. The two tracks derived from a two year period of producing many tracks and filtering out what proved itself as valuable over time.

The general direction was to come up with some tracks that can stand for themselves and be listend to in various locations and not only in clubs.

When I started the project I was very much in spired by the title of a radio play “Coldhaven”. The play is about a murdercase in the fictional village Coldhaven. I personally grew up in a small village myself on the coast of northern Germany near the city “Cuxhaven”. The similarities in the wording and my relationship to that landscape perceiving it as cold and dark most at the time influenced the tracks a lot.

The gear that is used is Ableton and mainly the 0-Coast, OP-1, MS-20 and Analog Rhythm.

I hope you like it and I am looking forward to your comments!