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Money-Commodity-Money, the predominant functional cycle of capitalism from the standpoint of capital. in lieu of Marx, this is a good introduction:

Why this is important is for two reasons: 1) capital doesn’t need (paid) labor - if it can achieve things through automation and data harvesting it will gladly do so; 2) capitalism is inherently an optimizing agency, and so contributes to the high weirdness one gets when throwing optimization at any problem… basically artifacts in the unmodeled space become highly uncontrolled. Why is there a model and hence an unmodeled space to begin with, this goes back to the more fundamental idea of everything showing up as resource. the control paradigm necessitates the use of a mathematical model or of representation. James Bridle’s article is one of the most important case studies here.

but yeah, engineers obviously know about and have exploited these after-effects of optimization in their own discipline, in areas having nothing to do with capitalism. the entire fields of compressive sensing and blind deconvolution (for medical imaging) are based on the after-effects or byproducts of optimization algorithms. I need to think of simpler, non-technical examples, but Bridle already does this.