Euclidian gates

Euclidian gates

Random euclidian gates for crow

As I am getting to know crow, I wanted to explore one of my favourite sequence generation techniques: euclidian gates. When you trigger input 2, it generates new euclidian sequences for each output, clocked by input 1.

The demonstration clip uses these 4 outputs to advance a 3 notes sequencer, on a single voice (frequency central product).

This doesn’t have all the controls I wish it could have, as it’s a standalone script. But I could imagine this being paired with an ansible, a norns later to make nice pieces of music.




Usage is simple:

  • input 1 is clock input
  • input 2 generates new euclidian sequences when a trigger is received

each outputs sends gate following euclidian rules


v1.0.0 - euclidian.lua (1.8 KB)

variant with melody generation on output 4 and mutation euclidian_melody.lua (4.3 KB)


I did a variation of the script during my livestream session. This adds melody on output 4 and mutation of gate sequences and melodies via input 2. (script in first post).