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Is this how you want Pam’s outputs to fire?

1: X X X X / X X X X / X X X X…
2: O O O O / X O O O / X O O O…

If so, just set the 2nd output to /4 with Delay % at 100% and Delay Div at 1.


apologies for this terribly n00by question; i’m wanting to build a compact system (for free-form percussion / drone / sound art etc.) - maybe 2-4 voices – i’ve got a few external effects (filter, delay, etc.), but i presume I’ll be mixing signals (pre-output, within the system) – will i need something like the MN Rosie, for a final (summed, mixed) signal-output (?) - i don’t fully understand how utility / function modules work yet. Any feedback is appreciated.


It really depends on what you’re going to plug the modular into. Something like Rosie (or other output modules) would give you more flexibility, but external mixers, audio interfaces, etc. can often handle Eurorack signal levels just fine.

I don’t play out, and I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 that will handle 8 analog inputs – I connect directly to that and do my mixing in a DAW, though I also have a few Euro mixers for other purposes.

(I used to have a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6… that one does NOT handle Eurorack levels very well and requires some attenutation first.)


Rosie seems great as an output module, but she’s not really a mixer; you’ll definitely want something else for that purpose. The main benefit of her (or another output module) is that modular signals tend to be very “hot”, which can cause problems for interacting with line level gear, or headphones.

Whether you want the mixer in the rack or not mostly depends on portability concerns as well as if you intend to mix before further in-the-rack processing (like how the mixer section on a multi-oscillator subtractive monosynth comes before the filter).

ETA – “problems” in the sense @Starthief describes. It seems unlikely you’d break something, but you might get too much clipping


as of right now, plugging direct into a cheap Mackie Mix8 mixer, then out to an amplifier, or monitors. I suppose (ideally), there will be no more than three signals coming out of the rack (one to a mixer, possibly one to a Vermona filter lancet, another to a strymon pedal, then into the mixer)

I’ve been using an 0-coast (headphone output) in these configurations, but i’ve not yet used the DYNMC output.


Try the DYNMC output into the mixer! That’s roughly the level you’d be working with.


Please help me decide. As a main voice for a very small system (lap box) its had to estimate if i will be a happy camper with Mangrove as the main voice (i can only add rather simple vco to that later) or bite the bullet and take a JF instead and use it as a more complex? Deeper? Voice… but does this actually stand true?
I think Mangrove can work great without external Filter or complex Filter…same for JF?

Important i am after melodic glassy, harpsy, windy sound palettes in organic/analog sounding timbres…detunes etc. not so much into bleep and blips as main sounds just as part of timbres.

What would suit me better?
I think with the Identity/Trigger patchings and fm in addition JF can be a more complex voice than Mangrove by itself?

Mannequins Just Friends

What else are you putting in your system?

They both sound very organic. Just Friends is imho more versatile, but Mangrove is my personal go to vco.


Not much, you would be shocked… many bread n butter things have to be done with disting mk4. It can spit out ramp and triggers even by audio playback etc… so i dont have much Modulation elswhere wich makes me think if i can go for one complex voice and versatile modulation module JF makes a lot more sense…?
Theres a video in the MW mangrove thread where Meng qi plays a very cool melody, very harpsy/clavi like… since its in the mangrove thread i thought its the main sound but his patching marks speak rather about self patched JF from identity to 4n or so.

Well i a pretty much thinkging i will even as a vco/voice have much more timbres and because of several oscillatiors a fatter sound than mangrove?

How well does the „no filter necessary „ of the mangrove apply to JF?

I have a sequencer, an LPG with simple lpf, attenuator with waveshaping, disting…thats more or less it


Just Friends gets very gritty and digital as a voice with certain knob settings, so I at least found that it became much more versatile once I got my filter as well.

I would say that in my experience half of the adjectives you listed are easier to find on Just Friends and half are easier to find on the Mangrove.


Haha yes both of course… but not now.
So for versatile timbres, deep and complex voice by itself with a wish for mentioned kind of sounds, wich would (independently of other modules) give me more of that?

Someone described JF as a bit of 6 mangroves in one…i am sure thats a bit over th top but if vaguely true, it seems like so much more cappable for my minimalist skiff


My 2 cents: you can’t unlock the full JF power as a stand alone “voice” without the additional Teletype modes Geode and Synthesis. With teletype you truly can get almost 6 mangroves, because you can individually tune and play each voice, without being limited by the harmonic relation. In my opinion you would benefit more from investing in two mangroves than in one just friends, if you don’t have a Teletype. Two mangroves together are considerable as a complex oscillator, while JF without teletype is an harmonic oscillator, two different approaches to synthesis.


Thanks thats probably what i needed to hear!

For now teletype isnt an option for me but a side question, when one prefers a mobile setup, small skiff is the workflow common to have codes, sequences etc programmed into TT and usable selectable (partly editable) without the need for keyboard when doing music just somewhere on the top of a mountain?


Without a keyboard you can select the scene you want to use and (at the moment) nothing else. You can program the scenes at home and then move through them on top of the Kilimangiaro. I personally use Teletype and Just friends in my 60hp skiff composed of JF, TT, Cold Mac and Rings. :slight_smile:


I wonder how close OC gets in functionality but probably completely different breed. Not to mention completely offtopic…

I think yes for me mangrove and a folder/fitler that can sine oscillate paired with a cv keyboard sequencer is just more suited to me for now. I do envy your guys capable TT setups tho.


Definitely check out Three Sisters for that filter, I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for. I also think two Mangroves is a good choice, I have TT and Just Friends and I’m experimenting with it as a polyphonic sound source but it’s also an incredible modulation source and I almost feel like using it as such combined with multiple Mangroves might be where I’m headed next. Being able to create chords with Just Type opens up a ton of new possibilities too though.


Now you mention it. I would like to get duophony with a second voice.
Is that possible with 2 identical vcos like mangrove and a 2 ch midi to cv? Or only via scripting like with TT?


two Mangroves (indeed, two of any oscillator) and a 2-channel midi-to-CV gives you true duophony, no Teletype needed. To do the same on one Just Friends you can only really do it via Teletype rn. (Unless you limit yourself to the chords found on the Intone knob, but maybe let me not overcomplicate things.)


And are there tricks/shortcuts with 2 different voices and/or some kind of duplication?
Last question about that here…i always hijack around here:/


can you expand on the question? I don’t think I follow