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this is a drift into a matter i havent educated myself enough on.
I would want to play 2 (different) notes w/o cutting eachother out.
Ok i think midi keyboard to 2xcv to 2 identical vcos and both signals into a mixer would allow this. I suppose exact identical frequency settings etc are needed for this right?

What would actually happen/come out with 2 different vcos? Wouldnt the duo playback be the same in function but the sound a result of 2 different vcos blended and tuned together?

Sorry if this is idiotic i always just played mono synths.
Also sey bout the hijack but its indeed very informative how JF works differently here.


It sounds like you need a little more work/investigation here before making such an investment. Have you tried something like VCV Rack or whatever it’s called?

The missing bit to the puzzle here is that you will need gates, envelopes, and VCAs as well to create the two separate voices - at the moment you are only talking about controlling pitch. Forgive me if you know this already and I’ve missed it.


I see. Yes, you would want to tune your VCOs to the same settings and then patch as you say. Although! For true duophony if there’s an envelope or a VCA or a filter involved in your voice, you also have to duplicate that.

For this reason modulars are not ideal for playing one voice polyphonically in real time. doable, but typically expensive.


Points noted thanks.
I will just experiment around, was always the best way for me to learn.
I will investigate duo sometime later. But this helped me to decide in fav of Mangrove wich i could fm with different modes of disting like wavetables…will be fine for a start.


:thinking: :upside_down_face:

edit: MG dumped an old image in, fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


Not all that different from my present sketch wich is half real.
The top row is a plexi pop up cover. Might be filled sooner or later but rather later!
If i am not mistaken the dual lpg acts as a vca too.


This here from 0.50 on is very much sth in the timbres i hope for.
If i understand his patch notes this is JF not Mangrove?
Would Mangrove offer such sounds too?
If not, does this has anything to do with TT integration?
He notes sth about TT coded to ignore same notes i think

Thats harpsi/clavi for me… mangrove?


“jt” here definitely means Just Type. I’m not sure, but it seems like he has two Just Friends and two Mangroves in this patch. The Mangroves are interacting with each other chaotically and then feeding into Just Friends to make the digital crackles and glitches in the sound. A second Just Friends is providing the envelopes to modulate the sound produced by the first.

Everything about the patch revolves around the Teletype/Just Friends interaction. This stuff would be nigh impossible to exactly replicate in modular with Two Mangroves without a bunch of postprocessing or some other shenanigans in the rack.


That said, the timbre, without the crackles or polyphony could be reasonably accomplished with Mangrove and the right kind of supporting modulation (envelopes, maybe a gentle filter, VCA, probably some FM, etc)


Yes its just the harpsi timbres i am interested mostly in. I know i cant do the complex poly stuff with my bread n butter skiff.

But if mangrove is as versatile a deep and always refreshing voice that can also get these kind of staccato lending hits i am sold… i ve to decide while they are stocked… also JF is really a lot more dough.

So a simple adsr is still missing in my case it seems. Wont go 2 mangroves for a start. I think that should keep me wiggling for a while


To reinforce what’s been said before, the tones/timbre that you’re referencing are really brought out via modulation with other modules as opposed to sounds that are more ‘plug n play’ from the Mangrove out of the box. It’s definitely versatile and deep but like with most things in the modular environment, it thrives with interactions/interfacing with others.


Worth keeping in mind that these sorts of sounds, especially polyphonic, would be way easier and more affordable to obtain with a standard polysynth that has decent modulation options. As mentioned, the Teletype is critical to how Meng Qi is doing this.

Given the gear I have I’d personally be reaching for my DSI Mopho X4 over my modular to program/play a similar part.


Yeah, would just like to reiterate this. Just Friends, Mangrove and Teletype are really powerful modules, but they’re not as magic as sometimes it seems from far away. Most timbres you hear in any context, musical or otherwise, can be produced in a number of ways, and modular is likely to be the most expensive way to get any given sound.


I’m interested in building a small modular system based around the Morphagene and drones. Might never happen but we all need our long-term gear goals. Looking at starting with one of the Dreadbox cases (just to give me MIDI interfacing, attenuators/mixers/multiples/LFO etc in a straightforward way), Morphagene, Rings and Tides (probably running Sheep firmware) to get myself started for not too much outlay by modular standards. Am I missing something glaringly obvious here that would stop it producing sound or anything like that?

I’d then be planning on adding more oscillators, filters and modulation/random modules.


The …uhm how to put it… flavor, the detial in the timbres i hear in that part of the video poly or not are not what i know from my past experiences with polysynths… quite different sounding to me really.

However i went all in and total bullocks today and without any common sense and logic given my finacial fundament bought all missing pieces and filled the 56hp to the last bit.

Here is the result:
I figured in that small space and without teletype, in need of Envelopes, OC must be the most logical last 8hp to work with Disting for versatility.
This will be it and all for a long time and as said is crazy given my present life situation… but a bit of punkrock for this little idiotbox synth sampler

I want to add Jason from Signal Sounds is amazing to deal with.
If your on the edge to buy mannequins right now, small advice ask friendly for a B stock :wink: there are none but its all i ll say

Btw all clocked by a silly little po 12


Hey there, I’m slowly working towards a Mannequins-based skiff, and meanwhile it looks like this

I was going to ask for a little bit of help in how to fill those 20 hp at the beginning. Should I wait for Just Friends to get back in stock to get one plus something 6hp? I’ve heard you don’t truly have a JF without Teletype… Or maybe I should get a Maths? Ah…

Wanted to know how would others complement the skiff. The only modules that are staying for sure are the Morphagene,3s and the Triple Waveshaper. You can suggest changing all the others if you feel it would be better for the skiff (and i’ll thank any advice / suggestion given!).

Please help this poor man achieve my wanky instrument. So far the combo Braids+3S+Mangrove processed through Morphagene sounds ace but looking for others’ opinions.

Any advice, suggestions and any comment will be very welcome. Thanks!!!


I think just as mine until now it misses mod sources and enveleops, so math probably gives a lot (i never used it) or OC wich can give out lfos and envelops beside other things wich i have to study now.
Might at least be worth a look. In small space i think these multi functional modules are really helping.


I’d recommend a Tangle Quartet instead of Veils, having owned both–basically the same functionality in 4 less hp, and I like the Tangle’s sound better. Maths is always great, but for a skiff like this O_C might be the move. Might need a clock source to fire off those envelopes though and trigger Braids…Pam’s?


I’ve seen with Cold Mac that you can take the top output and using Survey output a -5 to +5V control voltage (lots of people seem to be doing this with W/‘s CV inputs). Is this standard functionality with attenuverters? For instance with something like Triatt or Shades functioning as an attenuverter would it output a voltage with nothing patched into the corresponding input?


You mean offset, and afaik no!
Ade 60?
I think those are bipolar…
I think module makers that do this mention this most of the time.
Theres memoslider too i think.