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Awesome, thank you! I actually just saw that my favorite synth shop is running a Memorial Day sale and had the Varigate 4+ in stock so I just placed an order for one. Do you know if it chains to the voltage block on the board with a bus cable, or are they linked via patching? What I’m not 100% clear on is if they are like Mutable’s Stages, where multiple units can be linked to act as one, or if they are two independent sequencers that can be synced to be same clock to work together. Thanks again for the suggestions, I’m very excited to see what Mutable will put out to replace Clouds. Hoping they release it soon before GAS convinces me to buy a used one on eBay. :blush:


What are people’s thoughts on FM voices? I’m working towards a small (~100hp) drone/timbre box. v/oct isn’t a consideration for me; I’m working on slow, microtonal, shifting drones, with plenty of fluff in the texture. I’d love to do this with FM and build some feedback patches, so wondering if looking at a synth voice module like Akemie’s Castle/Elements/Atlantis would work for me, or a simple handful of oscillators. Any thoughts? I’m not after anything super-clean; for pure sine wave stuff I’m going to keep that as a computer music project. The other thing I’m looking for is no menu diving at all, so something like a cheap second hand Braids or two is out.


My favorite thing for FM is Hertz Donut. Second favorites are Double Helix (for slightly wild and woody analog expo FM) and E370 (for FM that is surprisingly weird and noisy for a digital module, bit it deos have menus and whatnot).


Akemie’s Castle in chord mode sounds ideal for this, to me, but I’m obsessed with DX-style FM and lo-fi sounds—maybe a child-of-the-nineties thing.


If you’re not opposed to VST synths, check out Chipsounds PortaFM – a really good emulation of Yanaha OPLL chips. It really hits my nostalgia buttons and sounds great (in a crappy way, or the other way around) :smile:

Hertz Donut has those dirty aliased sines and great linear TZFM, not quite the Yamaha sound but in a similar vein sometimes.


Did someone say modular FM?


edit: not mine but I do have a 1/2 full one.
edit edit: no menu diving!? Since you can’t even edit patches directly on these things it’s perfect :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


By utility, I mean things like logic modules or other niche processors of CV or audio. Attenuverters, VCA’s, and envelope generators are essential building blocks, so I’m not referring to such things quite as much - but even there, their inclusion is frequently minimal. There’s a whole “utility” category on ModularGrid full of examples.

You should just practice a lot with what you have. Acquire pieces that interest you. Try removing things you’re not using. Try using things in ways you haven’t used them. What you need will start to become clear!


The preenfm2 module is something i hope comes to fruition for FM-yness.


I haven’t done it before, but it looks to me like you can slave the voltage block to the varigate via the busboard.
But the cool thing is you can use the varigates as a kind of master to trigger whatever else through patching too. I use my 8+ like this as a master control module, sending out weird probability based clocks / triggers, still rhythmically connected because of the Varigate master tempo, to everything I can.

Clouds is great, I use that all the time too, but I just know i’ll be jealous with the new successor :sweat_smile:


I read on Mutable forums that another batch was due for this June. As new as it is I don’t think it’ll be difficult to find one ~


Folks with the Moog 60hp case, how many screws does it have? Shopping around and some images show around 15 and others shoe only 4 on each rail?


Just trippin :sunglasses:

Still debating if Mangrove is the right decision over JF for me, any special uses that could be opened via O_C here that go into just Type territory?

But this little box will have me studying dimensions of Fun for a while!
Thinking about it did cost me around the same as a octatrack or op1 + some effect pedal…i think this was the right move and actually not expensive when looking at the versatility


I’m using eurorack since few months (aa make noise based system) and now I’m starting to be confident with my gears, signals and tecniques in general. My questions is how to use gates? I know that I can use to trigger maths and then use envelopes to shape my sounds but i’m wondering if there’s another kind of use of gates signals. thx all!!!


Mangrove is a single voice, analog oscillator and Just Friends/Just Type is a digital polysynth + requires Teletype. They are completely different ends of the spectrum.


Yet JF isnt anymore a „synth“ then mangrove if iam not completely off?


Mine has something around 15. If you saw an image of one with only 4, it was probably one that used to contain a Mother-32.


Mangrove is more of a basic component with some options for shaping the sound. The AIR input gives you a low-pass gate/VCA too. You will need an envelope unless you just want a constant drone.

By itself, Just Friends is an oscillator too and not a synth. ‘Just Type’ is a synth in the sense that you have 6 voices with triggerable envelopes (each voice shares the same attack/decay length.), but those notes must be triggered from Teletype. If you’re just getting into eurorack, it’s quite an odd way to get started, to be honest.


Hmmmmm thinking of the 3 sines of the Sisters

Debating of adding a second mangrove to the first or rather 3 sisters. I think the later would give me more sonics!? As filter aswell as a vco to tune against mangrove


this is definitely where it starts to be just up to you, in the end :wink:


i’ve only had sisters for a few months and never had mangrove, so some corroboration from a more experienced user might be nice, but here’s my take:

sisters sounds great as a sound source, but trying to make tuned counterpoint between a more “traditional” oscillator like mangrove and sisters may be frustrating. the center output is easy enough to tune via the frequency knob, but the other two (higher and lower) are much harder to nail down to a musical interval with the span knob. adding any FM makes everything totally crazy. i’d imagine quantizers could help get you the result you want, but that’s a lot of extra space and cash and maybe defeats the purpose. also i don’t think they track 1v/o?

for me, sisters is usually filter first, sound second. i mostly use the “sound source” side to add interesting harmonics to other stuff i’m filtering through it.