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Yep but most rings videos are that gamelan sounds wich bore me. Any single filter videos always sound boring to me too. So the combinations i look for arent really documented too much. Meng Qis video are a good source in sound. So i guess my guts are right…


The Mantis’ power supply is great, but I would strongly encourage you to use an external power supply for your Grid and Arc. There is only 300mA available on the 5V rail and heavy Grid usage can push >400mA. Plus the Grid cannot be powered by the Teletype, so an external solution is required if you want to use the new Grid integration.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have an offworld already (in use with teletype currently in my main rack). Well-aware of the teletype-situation. The mantis would just be to have something smaller that’s at least semi-portable. I mainly asked because I’d like to have to bring as few things as possible when moving a small modular rack and norns somewhere to make music. I guess an additional usb-charger doesn’t hurt too much :slight_smile:


Awesome, this is good advice thank you! It’s easy to become tempted by endless shiny new gear! :smile:


Wow, yeah your definitely right about the varigate. It’s awesome, I’m really loving the probability based gates :slight_smile:


Awesome, excited to hear this! :slight_smile:


Considering selling a few things to fund the Piston Honda Mk3, but all the demos I’ve seen sound a bit intense.
If anyone own’s a Piston here could you tell me if it can do softer sounds well? I imagine it wouldn’t be able to match the E352 for this, but I’d love to hear if it is well suited for softer ambient things as well as the harsher side. Thanks


That always seems to be the way with The Harvestman stuff. So many demos of Hertz Donut mk2 are just bonkers, but it does some really lovely stuff and is my favorite FM module.


i have a power question that i’m not sure of :

i have a small 60hp, 6u case with one of these powering it, but i have 12 modules that i want to fit in the case. the power draw of all the modules is within the limits of the supply… is it ok use a flying bus cable off one of the board’s connectors to daisy chain three modules?


I talked to intellijel directly about this and they said it shouldn’t be a problem. The only concern would be noise issues. They couldn’t promise that the modules on the flying bus board extension wouldn’t be susceptible to extra noise. So maybe just power some utilities with the extension and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


good to know! gonna try that with some chill modules when my setup is ready.


I have a 7U 84HP Intellijel case with their TPS80W power supply and I’m using a 4ms bus stick (basically the same as a cable but in a nicer form factor) to have more connectors. No issue at all for me.

As mentioned, just to be sure, you can power sensitive/digital modules from the main bus board directly so that they benefit from the star grounding. But even that might not be necessary depending on your setup…


Anyone knows a bit about the MA svvcf?
I found it very inexpensive (diy) and the multimode with notch several ins/outs, mixing attenuating just seems up there while still drooling over Three Sisters. I know it doesnt do formant but could someone describe experiences or even differncies between those?
I do like a bit of dusty vintage transistor tone so will probably like its sound. But looking for complex sculpting of frequencies i wonder if this will be a substitute for me instead of 3 sisters.

Is there anything that remotely acts like the „span“?


Silly me cant find the 3 sisters thread right now…dont ask me why.
So ll just expand the question here.

Could someone describe it as an osc? I know i love the filter sound by itself but the pinged stuff i heared wasnt for me. Its wrong to assume it sounds like 3 sines of JF with similar shaping possibilities? Because that would be a fine reason to experiment with JFs Envelopes sooner or later.


Each of the three filters does self-resonate, so it can be described as three sine oscillators (keeping in mind that they are not independent of one another). However, there’s not really any waveshaping if that’s what you mean.


This is a great thread for these kinds of questions imo :smiley:

Three Sisters in self-oscillation does not have the same timbral shaping controls that Mangrove or Just Friends has. You can create interesting timbres by means of modulation or feeding it through the self-oscillating filter, but it’s not like turning the knobs on Just Friends in sound mode.


I stepped back from the svvcf
130 eur is a steal if someone wants to grab it in germany…

I just would drool on over 3S i am afraid and 10hp is the max i want to make space for a filter anyway. I dont see alternatives (cheaper that is) for the spectral mixing aspect right?

Okay but the self oscillation is usable as a real 3 voice sine. Not just for grundgy bleeps n sweeps!?


well, no, it is not usable as three independent voices—similar to Just Friends, the only chords you can make are those found on the Span knob (I haven’t dug deeply, but I believe the only “conventional” three-voice chords you’ll find are octaves), but unlike Just Friends there is no Just Type to break out of this shell.

It does make a pretty “clean sine” if you want it too, however, if it’s the timbre you’re concerned about.

If you’re just gonna drool over Three Sisters, it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind :wink:

As for spectral mixing, it is of course definitely possible with (combinations of) other modules, but this is probably one of the smallest “packages” for the functionality in Eurorack.


And small is important in my case
Nono i am aware i cant controll the 3 sines independently.
But it is comparable to 3 sines of JF sans waveshapings if i understood you correctly. Sorry just to be very sure


Yup, you got that right!